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3 necessary notes to conquer the Fansipan Peak in Sapa


Coming to Sapa, visitors can not only admire the scenery and the idyllic moments of this highland town but also have a chance to participate in the adventurous activities to challenge your ability such as conquering the Fansipan Peak. To overcome this challenge, you have to prepare both physical and mental health. Followings are some Sapa travel experiences that can help you conquer the highest peak in Vietnam.


Fansipan Peak

Pay attention to weather factors

Favorable weather will partly determine the success of your trip. According to Sapa travel guide, on the days with low temperature, you will likely to encounter rain and fog. Besides, the rain will surely affect your mood and determination. The excitement of the trip will no longer exist when the difficulty increases.


The way to Fansipan

In addition, rain and wind will make the photos are not as beautiful as ordinary and this is also the favorable weather for mosquitoes and insects to inhabit. Therefore, before deciding to conquer this mountain, make sure that you have watched the weather forecast in the Northwest and Sapa in advance.

Your health is the most important factor

Keep your health good enough to help you complete this difficult challenge. 3 to 5 days prior to the climbing day, you should practice, do light exercise such as walking, yoga or running, limit your smoking habit, and prepare a good mood. If possible, you should invite more friends to climb together. It will create a high team spirit and make you feel more consistent and determined. In addition, during your Sapa day tour, you should bring medicines for some regular diseases such as flu, diarrhea, etc., some cotton sticks, gauze, bandages, medical alcohol, salonpas, and some nutrient-rich snacks like chocolate or ginseng candy.


Medical stuff

Even though you are in good health, you should not be neglectful because the journey will be much more difficult than you think. After 2 – 3 hours climbing, you will begin to feel pain in the calves or knees as if you are unable to continue. At this time, the most important thing is your psychology: you must believe in yourself that you are definitely able to climb to the top.

Next, take a short break for about 5 minutes to massage your legs (the break should not be too long because you might be lazy afterward). Especially, you should not affect the will of the whole team if you go on a Sapa group tour. If you really cannot continue to go, you have to return to the resting place to wait for your team coming back but remember to leave food and water.

Do not forget food and drink

If you have planned to climb this mountain within 2 to 3 days, you have to bring food because obviously, no one can conquer this huge challenge with a hollow stomach. You should eat cooked dishes and bring the simple yet nutritious food such as vegetables which are grown in the Sapa tourism areas. For breakfast, it would be more convenient for you to eat instant cup noodles which are always available in any supermarket and have a cup of ready-made coffee or ginger tea because it will keep you warm. In addition, bring some fruits with high nutritional content such as oranges, tangerines, mangoes, etc. to eat along the way in your Sapa group tour to regain strength and energy.


Instant cup noodles

Regarding water, each person should bring about 3 – 4 small bottles. Do not carry too heavy bottle because it will cause difficulty for you while climbing. When drinking, you should drink in sips many times, avoid drinking too much at one time as it can cause full stomach. When you are tired, inhale through the nose to relax your lungs and then exhale through the mouth to keep a better stamina.

During the Sapa tours, conquering Fansipan Peak will certainly be an unforgettable memory in your lifetime. We have already shared 3 most important experiences that you should take into consideration when having an intention to conquer this famous peak.

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