Be Overwhelmed With Some Unique Festivals In Sapa


Sapa is a mountainous province in Lao Cai province, which has many beautiful landscapes and traditional cultural practices. Nowadays, the number of visitors interested in Sapa homestay tours is getting bigger and bigger as these trips create a new environment to learn about the unique culture as well as customs of the ethnic people. For tourists, Sapa festivals are the highlight that attracts them to reach Sapa. The following is some main festivals of Sapa people.

The ceremony of sweeping the village of Xa Pho

Every year, the residents in Xa Pho organize the festival of sweeping their village in February basing on the lunar calendar with the purpose of praying for the new peaceful and wealthy year.


The festival of the sweeping village of Xa Pho

When joining the festival, people carry a bowl of rice, a chicken, money, two incense sticks and a bottle of wine. Those who bring dogs, pigs and goats, the headman of the village and some locals visit their family and pray for their family for one day.

By the appointed day, all the men in the village brought all the gifts to an empty area. Following the assignment, healthy men swiftly slaughter pork, chicken, goats, and dogs together. The shaman will sweep the house for the whole village. At the house, the priest places a cup of wine on the altar of the family, mumbling names of all family members in that house. Travelers also can take part in this festival with the local through Sapa homestay tours.

Dance Festival

This is an important and well-prepared festival of Dao people in Ta Van. Before the main day, young men practice some dance and young women dye indigo, embroidered new clothes. Dance holiday usually takes place in which the head of the family lives; all family members are also busy to help them prepare the holiday.


Dance Festival in Sapa

The Dance festival commonly combine with any kind of folk art activities which are rich in cultural identity and absorbed in human nature. Through Sapa tours, tourists can even anticipate in the unique festival of the indigenous.

Festival of visiting fields

Took place on 8th January, the festival attracts a lot of local people. There are also many foreign tourists coming to enjoy and discover the special culture of mountainous people as things to do in Sapa.

The procession, decorated with vibrant colors in the symbol of yin and yang, will be the beginning of the ceremony. The procession group always has to depart early in the morning. The palanquin is carried out by two young couples and the worshipers lead the team. When worshipers implement rites, the other people will prepare some offerings for later rites. It is said that fortunetellers are on behalf of the local to get in touch with the gods and transfer their expectation of the proliferation, flourishing to the God.

The festival of visiting fields is one of the unique cultural characteristics of the ethnic. It indicates the profound national identity of Vietnamese.

The festival of welcoming new rice crop

To express the gratitude to the sacred, people of Xa Pho organize this festival before the new rice crop.  This festival has deeply agricultural threshold, so it quickly draws the curiosity of tourists from various regions. The indigenous are quite friendly and hospitable, so visitors who are from distant places, do not find it difficult to get Sapa homestays.

The ceremony of the welcome new soul of rice of Xa Pho is also a personal identity. On the new family meal, all the old rice was removed; the house was cleaned up with the meaning of replacing the old one. At that time, the family would ask beautiful, healthy women to cut the new rice, normally the wife and daughter of the landlord. They will get up early, prepare their hair neatly, dress beautifully, then quietly go to the field, and slash rice.


Girls cropping rice in the festival

At Xa Pho, the local often avoid meeting their neighbors on the way to the rice fields. If you see the person cutting rice, you will have to avoid asking questions, because this is a ritual to welcome the soul of rice, very important and sacred. When the rice is cropped, the woman will go along to the east where the sun rises to welcome the radiant dawn. After picking rice at home, people will pound rice in the following morning and then cook them to offer the ancestors.

These are some highlighted festivals in Sapa taken places every year, hope you will enjoy them!

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