Can Cau Buffalo Market – An Unusual Market In Sapa That You Must Know!

Overlooking Can Cau buffalo market

When you are out on your Sapa adventure tour, shopping becomes not only a part of life but an enriching experience as well. My recommendation for those who are looking for something is to move beyond the local big box store where everything is available at a step’s distance to be selected for friends and relatives back home. And Can Cau Buffalo Market is always a good choice.


Can Cau Market

Head to the serpentine road named No 153 – the only road connecting Bac Ha Town to Si Ma Cai Town, Can Cau Commune, Si Ma Cai District, Lao Cai Province to indulge in the rich ethnic culture that is predominant in the whole area of Sapa.

Every Saturday, Can Cau’s acres of outdoor stalls draw thousands of people, both locals from different ethnic minorities, mainly the Blue Hmong, the Flower Hmong, and the Giay (locally pronounced “Zay”) and travelers alike, to flock to the market with the first light of the day. Most come for an astonishing array of cattle like buffalo and cows goods on sales, but there are a lot of food stalls too.

Even though the variety of food found here is not as wide as that in the sprawling mass of Bac Ha market and there is no cafe or bar (the nearest is a few hours away), you can still expect excellent dining and drinking experience.

Buffalo sales in Sapa, Vietnam

Buffalo sales in the market of Can Cau

As the largest cattle market in the North-west of Vietnam, there is a mind-boggling range of goods for sale along Can Cau’s crowded and hot walkways to get travelers on their Sapa tours away from the routine life, from meat, vegetables, and livestock to hardware, souvenirs, and exotic creatures and almost everything in between.

However, Can Cau’s image is closely tied with its lively and varied livestock section lined with an incredibly dizzying array of ethnic vendors ranging in size from small to incredibly big kiosks as well as its murmured noise. Come here on your Sapa trekking tour, and you will get a great opportunity to see Hmong people in their brightest colors like red, orange, yellow, or blue everywhere you go.

Moreover, you can spend hours watching the buffalo enjoy a mud bath while immersing in the sweet melodious songs of flute or trumpet or of the birds hanging from trees in a shady area.

Can Cau is better than just the cattle fair or one of the largest cattle markets in the Northwestern Vietnam as it provides a sneak peek into the respective native culture of people from all communes of the districts including Bao Thang, Bat Xat, Bac Ha, and Muong Khuong, ethnic people and visitors from other districts like Sin Man, Ha Giang province or Yen Bai province as well as the Chinese people from the districts nearby. No one can deny that shopping is just stressbuster, whether you hate it or fall in love with it.

A lot of people have to walk for hours to arrive at the cattle market to do their business. But, to them, going to the market, enjoying the exciting atmosphere, meeting people, and making new friends are much more important. As a result, no excessive quotation is expected!

Overlooking Can Cau buffalo market

Flower Hmong people

Be ready to amaze yourself and your kids as your whole family is brought to the “Cattle Market” on your Sapa tours. This cattle fair is well known all over the Northwestern region for its uniqueness and wildness making it one of the crazy – weird places you have ever visited on the globe.

An utterly bizarre world tucked away under the wraps of unusual, Can Cau Buffalo Market is where you can see ethnic Vietnamese villagers from the regions of Muong Khuong, Bac Ha, and Si Ma Cai of Lao Cai Province and even from Yen Bai Province and the Sin Man District of Ha Giang province in their most fascinating cattle fair in a week. Those who diligently peruse this unique treasure trove of Northwest Vietnamese culture on their best tours in Vietnam are always rewarded with one-of-a-kind photos as well as authentic memories and experiences.

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