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Cannot-ignore Properties for Sapa tours


If you want to get the best experience when traveling to Sapa – the little pearl of the soaring Northwestern mountains, let’s forget the luxurious hotels and resorts and bring your luggage to the beautiful homestays on the quaint villages amidst the forests. Sapa homestay tours will enable you to travel like a local. Followings are the best homestays in Sapa for you to consider:

1. VietTrekking Homestay.

VietTrekking Homestay is an ideal place for travelers, especially trekkers who love to be close to nature. This homestay is well-known as a destination for cloud-hunting.

VietTrekking Homestay

The homestay is located high on a mountain summit and is totally isolated from the crowded Sapa town. Still, it is still very easy to be reached because it takes only 5 minutes to drive there.
The homestay possesses an exceptionally beautiful location from which guests can take a panoramic view of the grand mountains of Hoang Lien Son Range. Especially, on cloudy days, you will get the chance to witness the Sea of Cloud – a must-see scenery in any Sapa tours. Watching the flawlessly white cloud ocean, you cannot stand yourself from exclaiming how majestic mother nature is.

2. Gem Valley.

Gem Valley is both a coffeehouse and a homestay. An old artist couple from Hanoi came and settle down here, and then run this property. Visiting here once, for sure you will wish to own such a house when you get old.

Gem Valley

The most wonderful moment in Gem Valley is in the early morning. Right after waking up, you will be left in awe by the exquisite settings of the colorful rice terraces on the valley. Also, guests will be served with rustic yet tasty breakfast made by the hands of the female house owner.

3. Phơri’s House.

Phơri’s House is a lovely small house in Ta Van Village, which is 10 km from the town. In front of the house is a bubbling stream, where on dry days you can find a big rock to sit on and read books while enjoying the tranquil beauty of the village.

Phơri’s House

Also, visitors can hike up to watch the vast terraces and the smoke from the kitchens of the locals. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the surrounding area will help to ease your mind which is stressed by the bustling city life.
Interestingly, Phơri’s House allows guests to cook by yourselves in the shared kitchens. You can pick up the veggies from the garden or go to the local market to buy food and prepare for your meals. It’s undoubtedly a wonderful place for Sapa homestay tours for family.

4. Hmong Mountain Retreat.

Founded from the series of stilt houses and cottages that are up to 70 years old, Hmong Mountain Retreat in Ho Village is where visitors can feel the harmony of human and nature.

Hmong Mountain Retreat

Here travelers are able to stay in the bungalows amidst the evergreen terraced rice fields of the Northwest. In front of the big stilt houses, there are also artificial lakes, which on cool days is covered in the morning mist, making up a romantic scenery for guests to immerse themselves in.

5. Eco Palms House.

Eco Palms House

Eco Palms House is an outstanding property that is really worth considering for your Sapa homestay tours. It consists of 5 bungalows inspired by the typical houses of 5 ethnic groups in Sapa: H’Mong, Red Dao, Tay, Giay, and Xa Pho.
The bungalows open views of the poetic Muong Hoa Valley and the marvelous Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range. Not only does the house offer a wonderful view but it also allows guests to get to know more about the cultures of different ethnic groups.

6. Nam Cang Riverside Lodge.

Possessing exquisite surrounding scenery, Nam Cang Riverside Lodge promises to bring visitors with the best traveling experiences. Located in Nam Cang Village, the lodge has the fully equipped rooms that are nothing less luxurious than any high-end hotels and resorts. To reach this homestay, travelers will need to come across a small wooden bridge over the stream, which is just too dreamy to be true.

Nam Cang Riverside Lodge

The lodge is situated close to the village of Red Dao ethnic people, enabling travelers to easily explore the daily life of these innocent and friendly locals.
The rapidly developing tourism in Sapa has entailed in the increasing number of homestays. More options to choose is great, yet it might be overwhelming sometimes. The properties mentioned above are wonderful and really worth considering for your homestay tours in Sapa.

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