Cat Cat Village in Sapa – One Of The Most Charming Small Town in Vietnam


Sometimes called a small land (at just a very small percent of the land mass of America) of contrasts due to its geography, Vietnam has the landscapes as diverse as its cuisine. They range from the rice-cultivating tropical lowlands, national parks, lowland or tropical forests, and spectacular mountains embraced by the blue clouds, to the rich-soiled, coffee-producing highlands in Central Highland area and rugged coastlines of over 3,260 kilometers running from the North to the South. The result of the combination of these dramatic settings with our country’s unique architectural styles is the tranquil villages of undisputed beauty. These communities which have been there for so long are synonymous with exotic travel.

We all know there are a lot of charming little towns out there across Vietnam, but in this article, we will only tell you about Cat Cat Village in Sapa – a must-visit destination on your Sapa tours!

Why is Cat Cat Village attractive? 


Cat Cat makes you feel like having stepped into a time warp

Cat Cat Village in Sapa is truly one of Vietnam’s hidden gems. Some might find its lack of modernity a reason to not visit, but it is the charm that has not been discovered and the calm spirit that brings people on their tours to Sapa, Vietnam a sense of peace.

The traditional 3-door house made of po mu wood roof, the terraced rice fields, and the splendidly picturesque view of the hills – Cat Cat Village seems almost magical in its beauty. Head to this small mountainous town in Northern Vietnam to discover part of our country’s soul. This excellent example of Vietnamese countryside will both amaze and compel you to spend much more time on your Sapa tours than what you plan before going.

A lot of experienced travelers having been traveling around the world have reported that the quaint, charming, wonder-land-like village of Cat Cat in Sapa in Northern Vietnam is the one they are fond of the most.


How attractive Cat Cat is!

Hard-working women busy with vivid pieces of brocade, kids playing around together, and the tiny wooden houses where baby chicks, piglets, cats, and puppies, pets, or even livestock are happily playing in the dirt every which way you look – the old village of ethnic groups only 3km from Sapa town center makes you feel like having stepped into a time warp! Time spent in Cat Cat Village makes an unforgettable short day trip from Sapa if you find yourself in the mountainous town but for the best experience, spend at least one night with these hospitable villagers.

What to do in Cat Cat Village?

Cat Cat Village offers a unique and varied travel experience, but to enjoy this experience at its best, what can you do after stumbling upon this quaint village nestled in a beautiful valley?

Cat Cat’s proximity to Sapa town center, any hotel in downtown Sapa, and the Fansipan Peak – Indochina’s rooftop has made the village such a popular traveling destination for any people on their Sapa trekking tour – not to mention those who simply want to enjoy the quaintness of this small village in Northern Vietnam and Vietnamese culture lovers – who want to know much more about our rich and unique culture and traditions on their Sapa culture tour.


What to do in Cat Cat

To fully appreciate it, it is highly recommended to spend at least one night at a local homestay in the village at the deep valley’s bottom right at the foot of Fansipan Peak to experience its distinctive customs and practices that have not been preserved in most ethnic villages in Vietnam. Explore the village, see villagers manipulating sophisticated gold and silver jewelry, help them with cooking, visit neighbors’ houses or go wine and food tasting while your kids are playing with other adorable and smiling village children.

No one can deny the attractiveness of these vibrant and bustling cities teeming with top-notch skyscrapers and sparkling city skylines. Miss them, and you will surely regret. However, it does not mean that smaller and less famous villages are not fantastic places to visit. Visit the Cat Cat Village on your Sapa tours, and you will know how one of the most beautiful villages in Vietnam looks like.

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