If you want to travel to SaPa to enjoy the fresh and clean air or beautiful nature with mountains and green forests, the Ta Van or Ta Phin is really worth referring. Besides, there are lots of other fun activities to join in. Today, Sapa group tour will introduce you some interesting destinations in Ta Phin so that you can experience new and peaceful spots in SaPa.

Located in the northwest of the country, SaPa is well-known for many wonderful landscapes and hospitable people. The town is hidden in the floating clouds attracting tons of visitors with magnificent mountainous views and unique experiences when exploring the lives of ethnic minorities. Coming here, you cannot miss some things to do in Ta Phin, Sapa.

Visit the strawberry garden, artichoke garden

For many people, strawberries and artichokes have long been a symbol, attached to Da Lat. But in fact, you do not need to travel to Dalat, you are also able to discover the beautiful strawberry and artichoke fields by taking Sapa tours. Due to the humid and cool air all year round, except for Da Lat, SaPa is ideal for growing these plants as well.


A box full of fresh strawberries picked

All strawberry and artichoke gardens in Sa Pa are concentrated in Ta Phin. Stepping in the village, it is not difficult to find the hectare gardens with red ripe strawberries next to the green leaf. Most of the strawberries here are grown according to VietGap standards. To meet the needs of SaPa tourists, most of the gardens are used for tourism as well as selling pickles in the garden. One kilogram of strawberries picked at the garden in SaPa has an average price of 150,000dong.


A Strawberry

The green artichoke fields here are also worth exploring, especially from May to Jul – the season of artichokes. If you visit artichoke gardens at this time, you will be surely overwhelmed by these endless green fields.


Green artichoke gardens

Ta Phin’s artichoke gardens are produced under the GACP-WHO procedure and are the first medicinal plants in the north to be recognized as GACP. So, coming here, besides visiting, you can also buy products made from artichoke-like high-quality tea as gifts for relatives and beloved ones.

Try herbal bath – a traditional herb remedy of Dao people


A Dao woman is picking herbs

Traveling to SaPa, you should not ignore herbal bathing introduced by Dao people. Ta Phin is considered as an ideal place since this is the home to 90 percent of the Red Dao people. The leaves are collected by the households themselves then boiled to serve tourists.

The cost for a herbal bath here is quite cheap. With only 100,000dong, visitors can enjoy relaxing moment sitting in a bathtub made of wood. Moreover, you also have a chance to admire the view of mountains and pin forests through the glass window.


Enjoy and relax in the bathtub with herbs of Dao people

After the bath, most of you will feel completely relaxing. However, if bathing so long in this medication, you may be drunk and sleepy. Thus be careful, do not to soak for too long.

Drop by Ta Phin Monastery

On the way from Ta Phin to SaPa town – Lao Cai Province, you should definitely take time to visit the relic sites in Ta Phin.


Ta Phin Monastery

Over the last half-century, this place was abandoned. And this just makes this place be more attractive. The beautifully strong French-style architecture, the old door frames, arched door, and moss stones make this place a cinematic view for those who want to have some beautiful pictures for posting on social networks.

Besides, when taking a trip to Sapa, beyond admiring the beautiful scenery of clouds, mountains, forests, and terraces, travelers have the great chance to enjoy tasty dishes which are represented by Sapa cuisine.

In the cold air, it is nothing better than sitting around the table and enjoying baked food, which is extremely delicious and varied such as pork skewers, three roasted pigs, quail, rolled beef crooked or roasted rabbit mushrooms casserole and so on. “Meo” vegetables are special ones in this land, the strange bitter flavor that you cannot forget at the first trying.

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