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Enjoy the best alcohols in your exciting Sapa homestay tour


Visiting Sapa – a picturesque mountainous city in North Vietnam – you can not only see the majestic and splendid natural scenery of this land, explore the interesting culture here but also enjoy many famous alcohols made by ethnic people in this city. Remember to try and buy some for your friends or family as a present when returning from your Sapa homestay tours.

1.Wild Apple Liquor

Wild apple liquor is the most famous and delicious specialty in Sapa that you should try on your Sapa tour. It is soaked and brewed from the wild apples growing in the forest which taste a little sour, acrid and sweet. In Sapa, wild apple trees only grow in the forests in the majestic mountain of Hoang Lien Son. This fruit is a wonderful present nature gives the ethnic group of Mong living here. Mong ethnic people also call this fruit sour-and-acrid fruit or “love fruit” because its flavor tastes like the love, which is a little sour, acrid, and sweet.


[Wild apple liquor]

After collected from the forest, the wild apples will be washed, soak, and brewed with an aromatic alcohol for a long time to create the most attractive and delicious liquor. Wild apple liquor has a pungent flavor, so, it tastes quite delicious at first. But the more you drink it, the more it is absorbed and the more you are drunk. Unlike other liquor, when you are drunk when drinking wild apple liquor, you will have no headache.


[Wild apple in Sapa]

Wild apples are collected from August to October and sold popularly in many markets in Sapa, so, you can easily buy this tasty liquor or wild apples home after your interesting Sapa homestay trip.

2. San Lung Alcohol

San Lung alcohol is the specialty of San Lung ethnic people. Every San Lung people can make and drink alcohol. This alcohol has a unique flavor of leaf yeast in the northwest forests and charming taste of rice grown in this mountainous region. Like wild apple liquor, when you are drunken by this delicious alcohol, you will have no headache. San Lung women, with their cleverness and secret recipe, make this wonderful liquor.


[San Lung alcohol]

It’s the yeast that makes this alcohol such as famous brand name in Sapa. This is a precious liquor of Sapa. It is only drunk in special occasions like festivals, cultural events, holidays, worshiping the gods of heaven and land, offering ancestors, or wedding. One of the most interesting things to do in Sapa is drinking San Lung alcohol to have unforgettable Sapa homestay tours.


[Sapa rice field]

3. Ban Pho Corn Liquor

Ban Pho corn liquor, which is also called Bac Ha liquor, is a well-known specialty of the ethnic group of H’Mong in Bac Ha. They use the best glutinous corn, which has shiny yellow color and sweet flavor, to make this liquor. This kind of corn is not very productive, so people here can only grow one crop every year. However, the corns are very firm and tasty. When the corns are ripe, they are collected and dried for 1 – 2 times under the sun. Then, they are hung above the stove to keep the delicious flavor.


[Making Ban Pho corn liquor]

Bac Ha people use a local grass named “hong mi” – a kind of grass in millet grass family growing in the northwest area – to make the yeast for this tasty liquor. This grass is planted with corns on the plain or terrace fields of H’Mong ethnic people in Sapa. After dried under the sun, this grass is crushed in the stone mortar, filtered to get the powder, mixed with water to make a very thick paste. Then, the winemaker will put small pieces of this paste on the straw and expose them in the shading and airy place until these yeast pies turn dry and white.


[Dried hong mi grass]

When making liquor, they will use these yeast pies. It can be said that corn liquor of H’Mong people in Sapa is the cultural symbol of Ban Pho mountain village. It requires to be cooked by wood to create the unique and wonderful taste of this liquor.

There are many attractive specialties and delicious liquors you can try in Sapa. Among them, wild apple liquor, corn liquor, and San Lung alcohol are the three best special drink that you must try in this beautiful mountainous city.


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