Experiencing Buffalo Public Market In Can Cau


In Can Cau Commune, Simacai District – Lao Cai, there a cattle fairground throughout the Northwest which everyone knows. That is the Can Cau market, Sapa tours, famous for only bargaining buffalo. The market is on Saturday every week at the foot of Can Chu Su mountain, people here call it the “buffalo trading platform”.

The largest buffalo market

Can Cau market has hundreds of kinds of buffaloes from all villages, such as Bac Ha, Muong Khuong, and even from the Bang Man (Ha Giang) all gathered here. Buffalo owners in the different area had the buffalo transported by truck, and those living near the marketplace, they lead buffaloes, each flock from the night before.

From Bac Ha town, it is about 30km to Can Cau market, the market is in the middle of a grand space surrounded by layers of terraced fields, joining to the mountainside. In the distance, the mountains, and forests of the North West are majestic as far as the eye can see.

On the highland, there is the public market and at the bottom is the buffalo fair, hundreds of buffaloes have been now gathered, standing all over the large plot of land, leveled up as many layers of rice terraces.


1. Buffalo trading platform.

In Can Cau Market, buffaloes are bought to serve the plowing, breeding or fattening and sold them again in the next market. It is from this cattle market that it formed the profession of driving and fattening cattle, it has brought high profit and benefits to some local people.

Although the buffalo is a large fortune with ethnic people in the foggy village, the sale of buffalo is quite fast through oral transactions. The purchase is not picky about the price and the bargain is just for luck.

Especially with other highland markets, buffalo owners when coming to Can Cau market do not put great emphasis on the sale. With them, the buffalo sells the price well, if not then there is nothing to be sad, they will bring the buffalo to the next market. They see this as an opportunity to show off their buffalo to other homes. It is a form of an exhibition between the specific market.

Those selling and buying silently looking through each buffalo, when coming across something interesting, they heatedly foregathering. And people who come to the market just to watch the buffalo and the sale, they gather in groups around the buffalo, comment, and exchange with each other …

Can Cau buffalo market usually lasts until noon. When the traders have collected enough buffaloes and driving them to cars, or focus each group on the inter-district road, then the local start to buy the necessary items and bring the remaining buffalo to the village.

An encounter of colorful tradition

Can Cau market is the annual meeting of Hmong and Giay ethnic people, tourists of Sapa trekking tour in the Northwest can understand more about the life and experience the cultural beauty of the highland people here.


2. The ethnic minority in the market.

Buffalo’s public market always brings a festive atmosphere. People come to the market not only to buy but also to sightsee the market, to feel and admire the monumental and the wealth of each class cattle which is also the main source of income of farm family Northerners.

Like other markets in the highlands, Can Cau market not only trading cattle but also sell agricultural goods of the uplands. The local market overflowing bazaars is not far from Can Cau market. Unlike the buffalo fair, the air of the local market is clean and fresh for the rich color of the brocade dress and the green color of the seasonal vegetables converge.


3. Agricultural goods of the uplands.

Throughout the streets leading to the burgeoning market, there are bustling colored dresses, both the boys and girls, the market also has the children running around and skipping as well as the voices of laughter, the singing of the ethnic people …

In recent years, Can Cau market attracts a large number of visitors in Sapa adventure tour to travel. People come to the market to experience, to make new memories, and sightsee.

At this best tour in Vietnam, regardless of the local or visitors, we all together enjoy a bowl of steaming Thang Co, as well as sipping spicy corn wine and other specialties of the highland.

The market is divided into separate spaces for the sale of all kinds of goods. There are three plots for selling local specialty items such as brocade, embroidery needles, herbs, vegetables, spices … The remaining two plots are where the taste of many delicious dishes are made from the hand of fellow to invite Northwest tourists to enjoy.

Among the herds of buffaloes, people in the rush to sell and buy, there are also the curious visitors come to see and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Although it is not as noisy and bustling as in the public market, the buffalo fairground has its own excitement and interest.


4. Festival setting.

Traveling to Sapa tours, tourists can immerse into the joyful atmosphere of hundreds of people in many different ethnic areas. With just over a hectare, Can Cau Market is still attractive enough to hold the heart of the traveler until all the things have been bought, sold, and the fair is ended.


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