Ha Giang tours and the must-do list (part 2)


In the last part, we have revealed you 5 out of 10 intriguing activities that you can do on your Ha Giang tours. This time, let us see what more we can do on this amazing journey of discovering one of the best tours in Vietnam. As people say: “Save the best for the last”.

6. Taking the offroad trip

Offroad tracks, even the name gives people lots of goosebumps! If you are traveling to Hà Giang with your old parents or kids, believe us, this is not the place for a Ha Giang tour for family because the roads are the creepiest in all kinds of roads! Firstly, let us have a little explanation of what an “offroad” is. In short, it is one of the hardest and the most dangerous roads filled with hard rocks, stones, woods, or any kinds of obstacles that you can ever think of. However, it is these offroad tracks that make Ha Giang trekking tour the most appealing, especially in the eyes of experienced cyclists and backpackers who crave for the extreme hype and danger, even it means that they must risk their own lives.

The dangerous offroad track in Ha Giang

This is not a joke actually, because it was recorded some years ago that there was a Spanish motorcyclist who fell from the cliff while taking one of these offroad tracks. So if you really want to feel a little bit of adventure, just try it out yourself. One of the offroad tracks you can take is the route from Bắc Mê along the Lô River to the city. This route is like “specially made” for the bravest backpackers who would love a feeling of thrilling adventures or simply in love with experiencing different offroad tracks. Since they are building a hydroelectric power plant in the area so about 70 kilometers from Bắc Mê to Hà Giang is nothing but a terrible mess. However, it is what we call “the offroad” in Hà Giang.

Bac Me area

On one hand, taking the road will be very dangerous because vans and trucks have dug up the road, dust, rocks, stones and those “ổ gà” – small holes and big holes are all over the place, plus, the pass is very sloping so this will be a challenge for inexperienced motorcyclists. However, as people say: “High risk, high return”. If you take this road, you can have the chance to see the gorgeous Lô River as if it has been drawn out of a painting. So this experience can be one of the most memorable on your Ha Giang tours.

7. Camping and staying the night outdoor

Frankly, most people going to Hà Giang have never thought of such an extraordinary activity as this because all they know are just hotels, hostels, and the local houses. Trying to camp outdoor seems to be a pretty much adventurous and “wild” thing to do because you might be attacked by crazy animals, strange insects, or may even be robbed! However, do not worry too much because people here in Hà Giang are mostly very friendly and they will not bother caring about what you are doing.

Camping at the Northern endpoint

The feeling of waking up in a totally strange place is always of great excitement. You can be there when the first sunbeam lights on the top of your tent, you can be there to feel the gentle breeze of the morning wind surfing on the tips of the flower petals and you can be there to see the romance of the curvy slopes embracing the shape of the mountain. Each and every single thing will make your Ha Giang tours even more fulfilling, with both vision and senses. The camping spots recommended are high places such as Mã Pì Lèng, or Đồn Cao Mount where you can catch a full view of the city from below. It is also a proper distance from which you can watch the prettiest scene of dusk on the karst plateau.

8. Crossing Nho Que River by “bè”

However, it is, in fact, originated from the mother river located in Vân Nam of China, which is known under the name 普梅河 (Pǔ méi hé) translated into Vietnamese as Phổ Mai Hà or Mai Hà River. When the river runs across Vietnam, it coincidently creates a border, which is known as Vietnam-China border at the Northern point of the country running from Lũng Cú, Má Lé to the center of Hà Giang Province.

A part of the charming Nho Que River

The whole Nho Quế River has the length of more than 192 kilometers. However, the part running through Hà Giang is only about 46 kilometers long and also owns a very interesting curvy shape while crossing the dangerous Mã Pí Lèng Range. After catching sight of the amazing dreamlike Nho Quế, you can ride your motorbike along the mountainside parallel with Nho Quế River at the foot. Although the road seems full of risks with high mountains, deep cliff, and hard curve, all of these things make Nho Quế more attractive than ever in the eyes of backpackers.

Nho Que from the mountain peak

The most interesting part when conquering Nho Quế is seeing the water running through the Tu San Chink and Mã Pí Lèng Range. In contrast to the image seen from the cliff, Nho Quế in this area is more gentle and charming than ever with the sparkling green water bewitching the soul of whoever walks by. If you are not fascinated with the breathtaking feeling of conquering offroad tracks, crossing Nho Quế River might be a better choice for your Ha Giang tours.

Traveling-on-Nho-Que-by-rafts-helloVietnamTraveling on Nho Que by rafts

However, a few people who have been fed up with riding the motorbikes will choose a more creative method is traveling by a bamboo raft, also known as “bè tre” or “bè mảng” if they want to go upstream back to Mèo Vạc Village. By this way, the time from the mountainside road of the river to Xín Cái can be shortened as much as possible. All the rafts are tied only with a plain system of steel strings and the place only opens to 5.00 pm every day. So if you want to hold the chance of traveling by raft, you had better be hurry. In the end, this is also a very dangerous and thrilling adventure to conquer Nho Quế so you should get yourself prepared.

9. Exploring mysterious caves

Some of the best things that you can find around Hà Giang are caves. Despite in most Ha Giang tours, there is a high chance that you will only wander around the villages, you should still at least drop by a cave in Hà Giang because most of them are regarded as the one-of-a-kind that you may find in the North.

Dong Van Karst Plateau

Hà Giang has many a variety of wild caves and one of them is now used for tourism purpose. However, this place is still an appealing mystery to travel lovers who are seeking for a newer and more extraordinary heritage. If you are one of them, Ngăm La and Lũng Hồ areas are places that you must go to satisfy your curiosity. In addition, Đồng Văn Karst Plateau is also one of the places spotted with wild caves that you should visit. Before you go, bear in your head that you should equip yourself with proper tools and ask for the permission of Hà Giang Headquarter so that you can start your trip safely and legally.

10. Participating in interesting festivals

If you have been to one of the Northern provinces of Vietnam, you will find that the ethnic locals there always have a whole bunch of thrilling festivals that you can ever think of. However, most of the festivals here are held at the beginning of spring. So if you tend to travel to Hà Giang in the summer, it will be hard for you to find one. But do not worry because you still have many opportunities to come back here.

People attending Khau Vai Love Market

In all places of Hà Giang, Đồng Văn seems to be a more crowded destination with various types of festivals because there are many ethnic minorities that inhabit at the place. A few of the many interesting festivals that can be named are Tết, Khâu Vai Love Market, Gầu Tào, and more. These festivals are mostly held just once a year such as Khâu Vai Love Market when people come to share their love life or to find a soulmate. Other festivals may be held in a cycle of a few months or so. Therefore, there are always be festivals all around the year but that of spring is always the most crowded and exciting.

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