Love Market –the best market in Sapa you need to visit once in your lifetime


The entire region of Sapa has more markets than you could explore on a day trip. However, if you are a sucker for a love market, you will find this vibrant mixture of textures, intoxicating tastes, sights, sounds here in Northern Vietnam.

The aroma, the unique local food specialties, the sound, and best of all, a unique and valuable aspect in the culture of the Hmong and Dao ethnic groups practiced and preserved for such a long time. There is nothing quite like it.

While food markets can be found all around the world, love market is only available in Sapa. To celebrate this dynamic cultural hub, we are more than happy to share with you our recommendation for the best market to visit in Sapa in Northern Vietnam – Love Market.

Best time to travel to Sapa in Vietnam

Best time to travel to Sapa

Best time to travel to Sapa

In term of travel expenses, weekends, when Sapa is crowded with travelers and tour groups and the hostel rates are much higher, are not the most popular choice. However, if you are planning a visit to Love Market on your Vietnam culture tours, make sure to spare your weekends as it takes place every Saturday. A chance to get a genuine feel of Sapa or to see, hear, smell, touch, taste, and experience local culture will inspire all wanderlusts.

Why is Love Market one of the best markets to visit in Sapa?

If you think that a restaurant with the bistro-style food, panoramic mountain and harbor vistas, a theme park, an outdoor theater, or concert are the sole ideas for the first date, then take a look at this! Love Market (or chợ tình to the locals) is the most prominent date spot in Sapa town.

Love Market is a feast for the eyes

Love Market – a feast for the eyes

Love Market – a feast for the eyes

Talk about a feast for the eyes – this is largely because Love Market has such a multitude of stalls you never quite know what you can expect to find. With a wide range of best seasonal produce, necessary utensils for daily life, silver ornaments, specialties, and souvenirs displayed in many stalls, this is a dazzling reminder of how real life is.

Don’t expect it a vast, bustling place, home to expert fishmongers, butchers, producers, the hustle and bustle of locals trying to get the freshest catch, and probably a meal from a vendor using the goods at hand to feed hollow stomachs. Come home with more than the freshest vegetables and regional specialties by heading to a marketplace which is a veritable kaleidoscope of colorful crafts.

Love Market – where to go in Sapa to delve into the local culture

Sapa Love Market – a place to delve into the local culture

Sapa Love Market – a place to delve into the local culture

Half the fun of Love Market, one of the unique ones in Northwest Vietnam, is in delving into the one-of-a-kind cultural feature. Nowhere in the world would you see people dating and expressing their affection like in Love Market. Young villagers (Red Dzao, Hmong hill tribe) talk, sing songs to the opposite sex or play different games according to their ethnic groups’ tradition such as playing traditional games, playing leaf-horns, singing and dancing, etc.

The performances filled with the sound of khen, sao, and romantic melodies expressing fervent wishes for eternal love. That will be feasts for your eyes, music to your ears, and one of your lasting memories from the fanciful town in fog.

Even though the Love Market has moved and changed so much as it is barely recognizable from old photographs, music played on instruments have progressively degraded to cassette recordings, if you are looking for the authentic finds off the well-worn tourist path, there is no better choice than the distinctive cultural feature of Northwest Vietnam.

Century-old but full of freshness and excitement, Love Market has changed into a vibrant, stylish destination for foreign travelers and locals alike and is worth visiting even if you have no intention of finding a partner to get married on your Vietnam culture tours.


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