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Muong Nhe (Mường Nhé) Nature Reserve in Dien Bien – A True Marvel To Behold


What is the first to come to mind when a Vietnam tour for family is mentioned? Themed park, indoor playground, plush resorts, crowded water park, cruise experience, and sunshine beach? It is also about a dizzying number of open, green spaces that your whole family can take advantage of on your next family holiday!

Below is Muong Nhe Nature Reserve, where you can take advantage of the next time you are in Dien Bien Province in Northwest Vietnam. Whether you are dreaming of a summer wonderland/a summer escape or a memorable nature adventure, Muong Nhe Nature Reserve is worth visiting on your Vietnam tour package from the U.S.

Why is Muong Nhe Nature Reserve worth a visit?


The beauty of Muong Nhe Nature Reserve

A Vietnam family package in Vietnam’s Nature Reserves should be a rite of passage for both Vietnamese and foreigners. Approximately 434 miles from Hanoi capital city, Muong Nhe Nature Reserve (or Khu bảo tồn thiên nhiên Mường Nhé in Vietnamese) truly shows the diverse nature of Northern Vietnam’s environment and climate. This rare tract of 112,635 acres of undeveloped land is a perfect place to visit for everyone.

As soon as you set your footstep in Muong Nhe, you will be impressed by the yellow-red unpaved roads strikingly in contrast with the greenery of lower montane evergreen forest and the bright yellow color of daisies.

What to do in Muong Nhe Nature Reserve?


A great spot for animal spotting

Muong Nhe Nature Reserve should be called “Northern Vietnam’s best idea,” and don’t expect to find any argument here! Those interested in animal and plant spotting may want to check out this Nature Reserve in Muong Te and Muong Lay districts in Northwestmost point of Vietnam, since it is home to more than 270 species of birds, over 200 Asian Elephant Elephas, 35 reptiles, 300 bulls, and 59 mammals as well as 740 flora species – a lot of which are listed in Vietnam’s Red Book.

Meanwhile, those interested in trekking will have fun exploring Northern Vietnam’s geological features and ten communes in Muong Nhe border. Culture exchanging experience with these ethnic people of Kho Mu, Ha Nhi, and Mongolia, etc. will make your kids excited. What a one-of-a-kind experience on your Vietnam family package!

Do you know that creating exciting memories with your kids in Muong Nhe Nature Reserve will give you anything but boredom? But more than fun, it also helps with stress reduction, keeps you fit, as well as gives your family a precious chance to join hand in protecting threatened wildlife and landscapes and the Black River’s watershed?

Best time to visit Muong Nhe Nature Reserve?


Best time to visit Muong Nhe Nature Reserve

Due to these distinct features of these two distinguished seasons – the dry season and the wet one, you can find it a little overwhelming to decide when to visit, especially if you are planning to enjoy your Vietnam family package with your lovely kids. However, it’s good news that there is no really bad time to visit the amazing nature reserve of Muong Nhe in Dien Bien Province.

Each season has its own spellbinding charms. The sunny solitude of dry season (from November to March of the following year) creates such a serene landscape in Nature Reserves all over Vietnam, and Muong Nhe Nature Reserve is not an exception. Meanwhile, the rains (from April to October) ensure fewer travelers jostling to take in the vibrant sceneries. In fact, people on their best tours in Vietnam will definitely have the entire pure area to themselves.

Many people often combine a visit to Muong Nhe Nature Reserve with the conquering of the Milestone No 0 – Westernmost point of Vietnam mainland. The 3rd, 13th, and 23rd day of a month – when you can join A Pa Chai Market – are also a great time to visit.

Even though Muong Nhe Nature Reserve is not the flagship of Vietnam’s Nature Reserve Service, it is a true marvel to behold. This less-known spot deserves to be a major traveling destination for all members of the family on their Vietnam family package.



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