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Recommend the best local villages to homestay in Sapa


When coming to Sapa, people prefer homestay tour which means they visit local tribes of ethnic community and stay with them. It is a great experience when you explore the unique lifestyle of ethnic minorities in Northern Vietnam and enjoy magnificent natural landscapes of mountains, jungles and terrace fields. Here are some of the best places you can find a homestay tour in Sapa.

Ta Van Village

Ta Van Village

Ta Van Village (Source: Internet)

Ta Van is a small village located in Muong Hoa Valley, about 11 kilometers from Sapa. It is home to 110 households, including the H’mong, the Giay and the Dao. This may be one of the most popular villages for homestay tour in Sapa. Nice location, the beautiful village with lovely still houses and unique cultures of H’mong people, Giay people, and Dao people are the main reasons that Ta Van attract tourists on their tour to Sapa. On the road leading to Ta Van, you can see amazing terrace fields on two sides, huge mountains around and beautiful water stream along.

In Ta Van Village, you can stay in a house of local ethnic people and have greatest experiences in your trip. You eat their traditional food, do daily works with them or do farming with them on the terrace fields. You can learn to make their food, learn their traditional dances and learn to make handicrafts from local women. The homestay houses here provide your very convenient services (hot water, clean toilet, etc.) and cozy rooms. And local people can speak very influent English, so don’t you worry about communication.

Ho Village (Ban Ho)

Ho Village in Sapa

Beautiful stream in Ho Village (Source: Internet)

30 kilometers from Sapa, you can see an amazing combination of natural beauty and rich culture of local tribes. There are 5 ethnic tribes (Mong, Giao, Tay, Giay, Nung) living together to create Ho Village. Your tour to Sapa will be more interesting if you trek or ride a motorbike to visit Ho Village. This is a trip for adventurous travelers because you have to go on narrow mountainous roads to get to the village. But on the other hand, you can enjoy wonderful and majestic sceneries of nature on the roadside. And when you get to Ho Village, you can enjoy immense rice terrace fields, mysterious caves, stunning streams and waterfalls combined with the typical life of local ethnic people. Also, there are a lot of ancient houses of the Den people which exist hundred years ago.

Among more than hundred households in Ho Village, there are only 29 houses that qualified enough to do homestay tour service. Like other homestay services in Sapa, you can experience various activities with local people such as observe brocade weaving, learn cooking and eat with the host family, work on the terrace fields with local farmers and learn traditional dances and songs. Also, in Ho Village, the host will take you to Red Dao tribe to the herbal bath which is very good for your health. You can also swim in the streams and play on Da Nhay waterfall. And above of these, the homestay price in here is incredibly inexpensive.

Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin village

Ta Phin Village (Source: Internet)

Ta Phin is home to Red Dao people, located 13 kilometers from Sapa center. The Red Dao people build their houses on the half-way up the mountain. And their still houses are very beautiful with redwood pillars and grey roof. Red Dao people are well-known for their colorful traditional clothes and their friendliness. When you visit Ta Phin, you will be so welcomed by local women. They invite you to their house and sit with them near the fire to warm you up. Your tour to Sapa cannot be completed if you don’t visit Ta Phin Village.

Homestay in Ta Phin is nicely decorated, clean and cozy. The special thing about the Red Dao is that they have traditional herbal baths which are made from 18 herbs found in the mountains. Moreover, living in a Red Dao house, you can experience the unique features of customs and cultures. Beautiful sightseeing, great local people, and location which is not too far from Sapa are the best things about Ta Phin homestay tours.

Homestay in Sapa Vietnam is a great way for foreign travelers like you can experience the best local life, as well as understand the culture, customs and ethnic people in Sapa and Northern region. So, let’s find a nice host in these villages and enjoy your trip to Sapa with hellosapavietnam.

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