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Sapa adventure tours and once-in-a-lifetime experiences


As a developing country, Vietnam is proud to have superb sceneries, which are still well-preserved and significantly magnificent. Sapa is one of those. Let’s follow Sapa adventure tours from hellosapavietnam to find out why!

Numerous places to visit in Sapa

From September to November is the best time to visit the town due to fine weather and climate. You can start planning your trip immediately because there are a lot of destinations to stop by.

Lao Cai terraced field green

Lao Cai terraced field green (Source: Internet)

Mount Fansipan: This is a favorite place for many tourists when mentioning Sapa adventure tours. Standing on the 3143-meter-peak, higher than the sea level will definitely bring you a winner’s joy.

Sapa Cathedral: Located in the center of the town and built in the 1890s, Sapa Cathedral attracts countless visitors to come each year. It followed Gothic architectural style with imprints of Jesus’s life on its dome and windows. The church is also considered a symbol of Sapa and very worthwhile to pay a visit. 

Muong Hoa Valley: The valley is a part of Hau Thao Commune, about 8 kilometers from Sapa heading South-east. You will be amazed by the golden color of terraced fields, a Vietnamese special type of cultivation that can hardly be seen anywhere in the world. Antique engraved stones are other features that may blow your mind as well.

Ta Phin Village: A little further from Sapa to the East is Ta Phin Village, where you can get to see unique cultural traits of Vietnamese ethnic minorities. You can talk to local citizens, find out their traditional crafts and industries, and visit Ta Phin cave right near the village, where plenty of stalactites sparkling

Must-eat foods for you in Sapa

Sapa adventure tours cannot become memorable without foods. Even if you know the ingredients and recipes to make them, their flavors will always incomparable to those you have in Sapa.

Bamboo sticky rice: If you are looking for a unique food of Vietnamese ethnic minorities, bamboo sticky rice is the correct option. They put sticky rice in bamboo tubes and roast them. When the rice is fully cooked, they chop bamboo into small pieces and peel it off to eat. The rice tastes a little sweet and soft.

Cap Nach Pork: Pigs in Sapa are raised in nature instead of cages. Therefore, when local cattlemen bring them to markets for selling, they often carry the pigs under one arm. “Cap Nach” is the Vietnamese word explaining that action. Pork made from those pigs are very delicious and sold in many restaurants in Sapa.

Thang Co: This is a special food made by H’Mong people and you can find it everywhere around villages as well as markets. Horse organs are the primary ingredients of the dish, including horse meat, heart, liver, bowels, and blood. Besides, the dish is combined with 12 different types of spices, creating an exotic taste.

Salmon roasted meat

Salmon roasted meat roasted food

Salmon: Due to the temperate climate in Sapa, salmon has a very favorable environment to grow. Salmon there has nice pink color with only a little fat and high nutritional values. You can try salmon in hotpot, or the dish made of raw salmon and vegetables, and roasted salmon to see how it is distinguished from what you used to have.

Most exciting things to do in Sapa

To complete guidance for Sapa adventure tours, we recommend several fun activities that you may like to do.

Watching sunset and sunrise: You may think that sunset and sunrise can be seen everywhere in the world. Nevertheless, in Sapa, you will experience a totally strange feeling. A mysterious and visionary land covered with morning fog is what you can contemplate when the sun rises. It is just like you can fly and stand on clouds. When the sun sets, the sky is filled with purple, carrying something romantic and sad.

Participating in some festival: With 7 main ethnic tribes, Sapa often has various entertaining festivals at the end of each year. For example, H’Mong and Dao people have Nao Cong festival from July to August to pray for good harvest seasons, Dao Do citizens usually hold Nhan Song and Nao Song festivals to raise people’s awareness about forest fires, and so on. 

Festival in Sapa

Festival in Sapa (Source: Internet)

Try taking a bath with traditional medicine: If you ever visit Ta Phin Village, you will see that Dao Do people open this service. After taking a shower with the particular medicine, your skin will get softer and overall health will be tremendously enhanced. It takes only about 100,000 dongs (approximately $4.5) per person.

Sleep in a stilt house: You can call it traditional homestay in Sapa, which is very developed there. Sleeping inside a local citizen’s house, waking up in a village, far away from the center of the town, and having odd and delicious dishes are some activities that you will have a chance to experience.

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