Sapa adventure tours: best places to visit in Sapa


Sapa is located in North Vietnam. This is a wonderful place for Sapa adventure tours with a variety of beautiful places to visit and explore. Let’s check out the best places to visit in Sapa to have exciting Sapa adventure tours.

1. Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village is located about 2 kilometers to the town center. This picturesque land is an ancient village founded by Mong ethnic people. Here, there are poetry terraces, white cotton fields, colorful clothes, friendly people, and many interesting traditional works such as growing cotton, linen, weaving fabric, embroidery, etc. Cat Cat Village is one of the best places to visit in Sapa.

Cat Cat village

Cat Cat Village at dawn

2. Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin Village of Red Dao ethnic people is located about 17 kilometers to the town center. This place is famous for the natural beauty of Ta Phin Cave where visitors can see a lot of stalactites with various interesting shapes. It’s also known as an ancient village of traditional brocade where a lot of beautiful products are made every day.

3. Ta Van Village

The picturesque natural village Ta Van is one of the top must-visit in Sapa adventure tours. The village leans on Hoang Lien Son Mountain from which you can see the pretty stream of Muong Hoa winding the mountain foot. The peaceful life of the ethnic people here and beautiful scenery enchant a lot of visitors to Ta Van Village. Moreover, visiting here, you can join in many interesting festivals and see a lot of special stone carved with unique patterns.

Ta Van Village

Ta Van Village – A pure gem of Sapa

4. Silver Waterfall

Located about 12 kilometers to the town center, the waterfall falling down from the height of 200 meters is a majestic sight of Sapa’s mountains. The sound of the water mixed with the melody of the forest to make a wonderful song. However, you shouldn’t come here in spring because the stream is quite dry.

5. Love Waterfall

Located about 12 kilometers to the town center, Love Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sapa where you should explore in your Sapa adventure tours. Moreover, there’s a pretty Golden Stream right at the foot of Love Waterfall. This poetry waterfall is also the site of many tearful love stories of a fairy who missed her lover so much that she turned into O Quy Ho bird to seek him.

6. Muong Hoa Valley

Muong Hoa Valley in Hau Thao Commune has a romantic beauty with ancient stone beds amidst a lot of bushes in various shapes, large terraces that sweep across the valley, hundreds of stocks of sandstone with exotic patterns look like ancestors’ relics, or a pretty 15-kilometer stream crossing the valley which looks like a charming silk. You can only see these wonders in Muong Hoa Valley – one of the top places to visit in Sapa.

7. The Cave of Fairies

Following the river flowing back about 6 kilometers, visitors will step into a fairyland of the Cave of Fairies. This site is said as a miniature Ha Long Bay due to the extremely beautiful scenery of the caves associated with the story of three fairies.

This beautiful landscape attracts a great number of visitors to come and explore the cave, have a bath in the stream and pray for lucks, happiness and health for them as well as their families.

8. Ancient stone church

Located right in the center of the town, the ancient stone church built in 1985 is one of the most attractive places to visit in Sapa. It still remains the old architecture of French since it was built, from the outsides to the insides. Visiting here, you’ll see many relics of Old French in each pattern and soak into the romantic atmosphere here.

Ancient stone church in Sapa

Ancient stone church in Sapa

These are some best attractions that visitors can enjoy and explore when visiting Sapa. Besides, there’re a lot of other interesting things Sapa adventure tours offer you. Let’s come and enjoy it with hellosapavietnam.



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