Sapa and Trang An: Must-see destinations in your Vietnam vacation packages


In my opinion, Vietnam vacation packages are a great idea for anyone who wants to explore a long lasting history and many naturally beautiful places.  Along the S-Shaped land, there are many breathtaking landscapes to discover which make tourists extremely surprised.

Therefore, tourists have to make a wise choice of places to go to enjoy all the beauty of Vietnam. Here are my personal recommendations.

Sapa – A gift of the Creator

Sapa is a spot which attracts a lot of visitors from many countries in the world because of not only its appealing natural landscapes but also the weather. Last year, I decided to book a holiday package to Sapa with my friends for 2 days and 3 nights with the reasonable price ranging from $100 to $200 before going to school. It was a bit of a climate shock when I first came to this place. The climate changes constantly into four seasons in a day. The morning gave me a breath of almost spring-like weather but at noon, the weather changed smoothly to cool fresh air with bright sunlight like the summer. Then the town is covered by fog and clouds at dusk and you have a little chilly feeling of autumn; the night is the cold of winter. If you wish to come here in summer, taking your coat is highly recommended to make sure that you will not get cold.

The foggy Sapa Town

The foggy Sapa town (Source: Internet)

Besides enjoying the climate, I also visit many spectacular scenes such as Cat Cat Village, Muong Hoa Valley, Silver Waterfall and many other sites. One of the best things to do is to reach the Peak of Fansipan Mountain. Regularly, some people climb the mountain on their foot to have a close look of the wildlife and the life in tribe villages, including those of the Red Dao and Hmong in their ethnic colorful clothing; however, I preferred using aerial tramway to conquer the roof of Indochina. The reason is that by doing so, I have the chance to admire exotic terraced rice fields and the impressive stroke of ripe rice in September along with mighty mountains or the appearance of many snow-capped peaks. Looking down from the cable car at the height of 3000 meters is an absolutely breathtaking view and unforgettable moment.

Fasinpan cable car

Fansipan cable car (Source: Internet)

Trang An Landscape Complex – Home of King Kong

If you are planning your Vietnam vacation tour, Trang An is impossible to ignore in your list of destinations. Trang An was inscribed on the World Heritage List as the first Mixed World Heritage Site of Vietnam by UNESCO. It is the combination of ecotourism, spirit tourism, and historical heritage. It means that you can not only see natural landscapes but also learn more about local cultures when you get here. In 2016, the famous film: “Kong: Skull Island” was shot in some attractive destinations in Vietnam and Trang An is chosen as a major scene in the movie. If you have enjoyed this movie, you must have seen many spectacular tower karst mountain ranges and magnificent views with green water in the river. About 100 km away from Hanoi, you can easily take a trip following this itinerary: Hanoi – Bai Dinh – Trang An for only one day. The best time for you to come here is between January and March according to the lunar calendar because the temperature of surrounding air is neither too hot nor too cold which gives you a favorable weather condition to enjoy many spring festivals or visit pagodas to pray for luck in the new year. Why don’t you hit the road to visit this spot and start your adventure?

Trang An Boat Station

Trang An Boat Station (Source: Internet)

Sapa and Trang An Landscape Complex are my very first experiences that I want to share with you. I bet you will be amazed by the marvel created by nature and people in these highlights. 

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