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Sapa has long been a must-visit location for anyone who wants to start their Vietnam tours. After a long day trekking through the terraced fields, enchanted by the fresh air and beautiful landscape, it's time to find a beautiful place and prepare to fill up your belly. Sapa has so much to offer, not only its amazing view but also its remarkable cuisine. Here are top dishes must-eat in Sapa.

Com Lam

Rice has always been an essential ingredient in Vietnamese cooking. In the Northwest, exclusively, the ethnic people enjoy Com Lam. Com Lam is grilled glutinous rice. Rice is mixed with salt and ginger. The cooks then put this mixture into a young bamboo tube, add a little spring water, and cover two head of the tube with banana leaves and later grill on charcoal. The sugary aroma of glutinous rice and young bamboo lingering on long after the dish finished is one of the reasons why you should give Com Lam a try once traveling Sapa.

Com Lam Sapa

Com Lam in bamboo tube (Source: Internet)

Sapa Cap Nach Pork

Lon Cap Nach is named by the locals since they often hand-carry the pigs to the market. The pig variety here, raised in the mountainous area of Vietnam, is rather small. To prepare, the locals season the whole pig, then roast it directly on charcoal to make sure the moisture is kept while the crispy pork skin appears. A little bit of spicy will enhance the flavor of the dish.

Roasted Cap Nach Pork

Roasted Cap Nach pork is served with herbs and sauce (Source: Internet)

Thang Co

Thang Co

Thang Co is a typical dish of the H’ Mong (Source: Internet)

Thang Co is a typical Mong dish. It’s a soup-based dish with horse meat, together with lots of boiled blood and the remains of the horse. What makes this recipe so appealing is it must contain 12 different herbs: cinnamon, lemongrass, ginger and is often served with "forest vegetables." In winter, especially when the weather is freezing cold, Mong people usually gather together in their wooden house, eating Thang Co and drinking corn wine.

Sapa Veggies

If, however, you are a vegetarian or you have enough of the greasy taste of meat, then you should probably consider trying Sapa veggies

Fermented bamboo shoots from this region are well-known for its tenderly sour. Young bamboo shoots are selected, washed and sliced, then let it rest for a month. Mang Vau is another the type of bamboo shoots, often boiled and served with fish sauce. Unlike fermented bamboo shoots, Mang Vau has a bittersweet flavor.

Cai Meo Sapa

Cai Meo Sapa is famous for its bittersweet flavor (Source: Internet)

When summer approaches, black forest mushrooms grow as well. The cool climate here is perfect for the mushrooms to thrive and develop their tenderness. Local cooks know how to combine the mushrooms with wild herbs and spices; it can melt anybody's heart with just a bite.


Visitors can find “barbecue kiosk” nearly everywhere in the center of the town, from the church to small alleys. Sapa offers a wide range of choices, from grilled mushrooms, meat wrapped with veggies to pork stomach. Eating barbecue with your friends in late autumn and winter is a real treat that you shouldn’t miss.

Sapa barbecue

Sapa barbecue (Source: Internet)


The happy ending for your big feast is undoubtedly peaches from Sapa. The crunchy flesh and sweet flavor of this mountainous variety will fill the last space in your stomach.

A Sapa food tour is an excellent choice for visitors after a long day wandering. Take your time and enjoy the local food, you may have a better glimpse of how Sapa is such a famous and dear place for both Vietnamese and foreigners. You can also share your feeling with by leaving comments and follow us to receive more useful information.

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