Sapa holidays: why on Lunar New Year?


Our charming Sapa is certainly among the most appealing Northern Vietnam regions, famous for its breath-taking scenery of terraced rice fields with majestic mountain passes and rich cultural diversity. And, whatever the season is when you travel to Sapa, Vietnam, you can always enjoy the land’s exquisite cuisine!

Tet holiday, or Lunar New Year holiday, is a national celebration of the Vietnamese. It is on the last day of December and the two first days of January of the following year in the lunar calendar. So, it is usually held between late January and early February. Vietnamese people often take more than a week off to celebrate their new year.  

During the Lunar New Year holiday, Sapa can be a bit more crowded as it attracts not only international but also domestic travelers. However, this sole fact should not be the reason for you to take visiting Sapa during Tet-off your list of things to do in Vietnam.

Here hellosapavietnam will give you 5 reasons that will make you excited again to visit Sapa this Tet holiday:

Sapa’s mystical beauty:

Sapa is a peaceful town in Northwest Vietnam’s highlands. During Tet holiday, expect the town to be filled with thick vaporous layers of fog. The sight of this town of Sapa engulfed in a white sea of fog is undoubtedly a highlight of your trip.

Sapa town in fog

Sapa town in fog

This “town of fog” enchants its visitors with its miraculous and mysterious charm. Its magnificent landscapes of endless mountain ranges and evergreen forest in the misty weather make Sapa the landscape of dreams. Also, this is a great chance to photograph not only the town but also its people as the locals’ colorful traditional costumes pop off the greyish background of the misty town.   

The chilly Sapa and snow

Sapa is also famed for its unique climate. Its mean annual temperature is around 15 degree Celsius, and it is a little colder during its winter time, from late December to February. In the morning and afternoon, the air is fresh and cool. At noon, the fog may gradually disperse as the temperature rises. In the evening, it is unsurprisingly cold.

Dreamy Sapa in snow

Dreamy Sapa in snow

During the month of January, the mean temperature is usually low, sometimes even drops to as low as eight degree Celsius. That explains why there is snow on the highest peaks of Sapa in the recent years. It gets gradually warmer as a potential sign of spring coming to the land. So, remember to take your best camera with you and capture the magical moments of Sapa on your holiday!

Blossoming cherry trees:

Blossoming cherry flowers is the most anticipated sign of a new year for the Vietnamese people. The sight of the pinkish flowers wavering in the chilly air tells the people that spring is coming. You can see branches of cherry blossoms in almost every single house in Northen Vietnam. Some families even bring the whole cherry tree home as to decorate their house. However, that is incomparable to the view of the glowing pink blossoms amidst the greenery of nature in the highlands.

Cherry blossoms in Sapa

Cherry blossoms in Sapa

People flock to Vietnam’s highlands during Tet holiday to admire blossoming gardens of cherry trees. It is a unique chance for not only the Vietnamese but also international travelers to experience the cozy atmosphere of Sapa during its coldest season under the impressive pink blanket of cherry blossoms.

Sapa cuisine:

Needless to say, Sapa cuisine is extraordinary. And, what is more, you could have it whenever you travel to Sapa. Enjoy its traditional dishes along with smoking hot barbequed/grilled food in the extreme weather of Sapa is something tourists cannot forget.

Cap Nach pork

Cap Nach pork


  • Cap Nach pork
  • Thang Co
  • Seven-colour sticky rice


  • This is also the high season for domestic traveling. You should pre-book your tickets and make your reservations beforehand if you want to tour to Sapa during Tet holiday.
  • To avoid unwanted hassles on your holiday, you can contact a travel agency to tailor-make a tour for you. It is advised that you have a local guide with you for the best experience.

Packing tips:

  • Bring your good hiking shoes and rain jackets. Seriously. You will regret not bringing them.

Highlights of Sapa:

  • Ethnic villages: Cat Cat, Lao Chai, Ta Van, Ban Ho, Ta Phin villages
  • The roof of Indochina: Phan Si Pan Mountain
  • Silver and Love Waterfalls
  • Bac Ha, Coc Ly markets


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