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Sapa travel tips

Well known as a little French town in the mountainous Northwest Vietnam, Sapa has been attracting enormous flocks of visitors coming to see the stunning beauty of that area. So, how to reach that land? Where and where to go in Sapa? Have you ever asked these questions?

Following are some tips that would help you have best experiences in this beautiful land.

1. How to go?

Located about 380 kilometers from Hanoi, Sapa is not easily reached by plane. The two most popular ways to go to Sapa are by road and by rail. Travelers prefer to take a night train from Hanoi to Sapa because it is not only comfortable, safe but also cost-saving.

Sleeper cabin on night train to Sapa

Sleeper cabin on night train to Sapa (Source: Internet)

There are three-night trains from Hanoi to Sapa each day, which would take about 8 hours and 20 minutes to reach Lao Cai station. Then visitors would need to take a transport bus or minibus to Sapa Town, which is approximately 34 kilometers far from Lao Cai city. You can choose to book a soft seat or a sleeper cabin. Regarding cabins, there provide clients with air conditioner, a place to put your luggage, and a soft bed. There is also clean and comfortable washing room for a morning wash-up. All you need to do is to have a sleep, and when you wake up, you have reached Lao Cai already.

Sapa bus

Bus to Sapa (Source: Internet)

In addition to night train from Hanoi to Sapa, taking a bus is another choice. However, it is not as comfortable as going by train. You can choose to pick up a night bus from Gia Lam station in Hanoi or hire a private car to go there, but it is quite expensive.

2. When to visit?

Sapa in Autumn

Sapa in Autumn (Source: Internet)

The best times to visit Sapa are in spring and autumn. Located in high altitudes, the weather in Sapa is very seasonal. Summer is hot and wet while it is cold and freeze in winter. Hence, from March to May and from September to October are considered best times to travel. The weather in these seasons is very pleasant and offers a clear view of the whole spectacular scenery of Sapa. You are enabled to travel around to see the sheer beauty of the dense jungle, majestic waterfalls, and colorful terraced rice fields. Travelers can also go up to Fansipan peak – the summit of Indochina to get a broad view of the surrounding mountainous area.

3. Where to go?

After taking a night train to Hanoi, you will reach the beautiful land of Sapa, where displays a cluster of Eastern and Western cultures. There are several attractions in Sapa for visitors to explore.

Tribal Villages

Tribal villages in Sapa

Ethnic people in Sapa (Source: Internet)

A must-visit stop in every Sapa trip is the tribal village of ethnic people. Sapa is where some minority groups of Vietnam live, namely H’mong, Tay, and Dao. You can go to some villages like Cat Cat, Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai, etc. to explore the daily life of people there. You can also experience the culture and cuisine of these groups.

Fansipan Peak

Fansipan Peak

Fansipan Peak – Summit of Indochina (Source: Internet)

Of course, it would be a big regret if you leave Sapa without visiting Fansipan Mountain. It is the highest peak of Indochina, providing visitors with a jaw-dropping view from more than 3,000 meters height. Nowadays there has been a car cable to make it easier for travelers to get there. Many tourism plots have also been built on the mountain, which assures to offer best services.

Sapa Town

Leaving mountainous villages with colorful terraced rice fields, you will come to Sapa Town – where there is a mixture between traditional and modern lifestyles. There are still several French-style villas in the town, which were built when Northern Vietnam was a colony of France. Moreover, in the town center stays the Old Cathedral of Sapa – which remarks the integration of Western religion and culture.

Sapa Town

Western-style villas in Sapa (Source: Internet)

Though being influenced by Western lifestyle, Sapa town still retains its traditional value. Visitors may find exciting to go to the traditional market of local people, where they can buy home colorful traditional souvenirs.

Bac Ha Market in Sapa

Traditional market in Sapa (Source: Internet)

With all these charming beauties, Sapa is absolutely one of the best destinations in Vietnam. The guides above will partly help you to have a smoother Sapa travel.

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