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Sapa Trekking: 5 preparations you must know


If you are addicted to backpacking tourism, trekking obviously is a kind of traveling you cannot miss out on. Of all the Vietnam trekking tours so far, trekking Sapa has become the most attractive and adventurous choice for every backpackers to explore.


However, to optimize time and money for the tour, you must be aware of the following preparations.

Sapa trekking

Sapa Trekking

Boots and walking socks

It might sound simple but it’s actually not at all. If you decide to get trekking, you should never underrate the importance of boots and walking socks. A solid and comfortable couple of boots are essential. Make sure that your boots won’t break or make you hurt during your trek. In additions, choosing the right walking socks that best suit when you wear them with boots is also highly recommended. The best socks suggested are waterproof ones to keep your feet dry, since rain in Sapa is quite often.

Walking poles

A walking pole must be included in your preparation list. They will help you a lot to balance yourself in rough and rocky roads. Hence, a proper walking pole is of the same importance as boots and socks. Remember to take a strong and durable one so that you can feel instantly when you pick it up. It also should be light to make it convenient for carrying.

Walking poles

Walking poles

Practice using backpack

It can be difficult to find any vendor on the way of your trek, so you are supposed to bring all the necessary stuff such as food, drink, spare clothing, first aid, etc. in the backpack with you. Getting a wrong backpack can probably ruin your trekking trip. Choose the ones with adjustable chest and waist straps so that they can be fixed on your back and will not drop or make you unbalanced at every step you take. Make sure that it’s big enough to contain all your stuff without making you feel heavy or slow you down during your trek.



Do regular exercises

Sapa trekking will take you a lot of energy. Therefore, make sure that your body is healthy, fit, and tenacious before your trek. It will be very troublesome and cumbersome if you have your leg broken or get injured while trekking. Do regular exercises and training is the best way to not only keep yourself healthy but also to ensure your safety and a perfect trekking experience.

Contact a travel agency

Last but not least, after getting yourself ready with all the fore-mentioned preparations, it’s time to find a guide to help you out with your Sapa trekking tour. There are a bunch of agencies for you to choose from, but it’s not easy to pick a random one and expect they will serve you probably. 

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