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Seven-color sticky rice – the highlight of Sapa cuisine


Sapa is one of the most attractive tourist sites in North Vietnam not only beautiful sceneries, interesting cultural attractions, but also impressive and delicious specialties. One of the most famous special food you must try in your Sapa tours is seven-color sticky rice of Nung Din ethnic people here. This Sapa cuisine is not only a delicious food but also a cultural beauty of this land.

1. Historical and cultural stories

Seven-color sticky rice is an indispensable traditional food for people in Sapa at Tet. There are many reasons why people here like this food so much. This dish is not only delicious, colorful, beautiful with an attractive appearance but it also has an interesting historical story and a great spiritual meaning.

[Beautiful village in Sapa]
According to the legend of people here, there was an enemy coming to invade the residential localities of Nung Din ethnic people. And they stood up to fight against the foreign invaders together. The resistance war was very difficult and occur during a long period of time, from the January to July. Although they won and protected their land out of invaders, a lot of Nung Din people died in that war.

[Seven-color sticky rice]
Since then, to commemorate memorize those heroes, who have bravely sacrificed for their country, people here hold a festival. This food was born in that context. Seven colors of this dish symbolize for seven difficult months of their resistance war against the invaders and protect their country. Each color has its own meaning. The green represents for the spring, the dark red symbolizes the blood of the heroes died for their country, the yellow is for the dispersion, the light red is for the victory and so on.

[Rice field in Sapa]
Nung Din people also believe that eating this food at Tet will make them lucky. Therefore, they always eat seven-color sticky rice in the lunar July 1st to celebrate their victory and remind of the ancestors. It’s also the ideal time for Sapa tours for family to have enjoyable and interesting vacations.

2. Recipe of seven-color sticky rice

The recipe for this food is not too complicated, but it’s not easy, too. Nung Din ethnic women have to spend a lot of effort, meticulousness, carefulness, and their personal skills to make the rice soft, aromatic, and flexible. Especially, the color should be light, beautiful, and clear. The raw rice to make this dish is chosen very carefully. The rice grains must be big, long, and round in shape. Then, they soak the rice in plain water for about 12 hours. After that, the rice is soaked in color water for another 3 hours. These color are extracted from leaves or tubers of the plants, so, this food is absolutely safe.

[A version of five colors]
Seven colors of this dish include pink, light red, dark red, dark blue, light green, yellow-green, and yellow, which are extracted from plants such as turmeric, yellow flowers, and red flowers. When the rice is soaked well and the water and color have penetrated well, they will steam it in 1.5 to 2 hours. When cooking, they don’t add salt to make the colors look light and beautiful. Seven-color sticky rice would leave you a deep impression in your Sapa food tour.

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3. Unforgettable flavor of seven-color sticky rice

This traditional food has a wonderful flavor of totally natural ingredients. It has a gentle fragrant flavor of leaves and the unique taste of this northwest mountainous city. This food is usually eaten with grilled pork, roasted chicken, or the mixture of crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, and a little salt. The combination of the fragrant smell of sticky rice and the slightly pungent flavor of the forest leaves make this dish impressively delicious.

[A specialty of Sapa]
The Nung Din ethnic women with their skillful hands have made this wonderful dish and preserved its traditional taste for generations. Visiting Sapa in a misty sunset, feeling the wonderful smell of the sticky rice, and enjoying this dish with all the senses, you will have the best Sapa tours ever.
Seven-color sticky rice is the most attractive, delicious, impressive, and enchanting dish you have ever tried in Sapa. Enjoying a delicious and beautiful dish in the beautiful land would be the most memorable experience of your Vietnam tour.

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