Temples of Mau Son And Mau Thuong – Must-visit Destinations in Sapa


Along with exceptionally friendly tribal people and their colorful clothing, splendid gardens, spectacular rice terraced countryside areas, one-of-a-kind ethnic markets, a challenging backdrop for a lifetime trekking journey with Mount Fansipan – the Indochina’s Rooftop, stylish mist-shrouded hotels, picturesque setting, classy restaurants, there are a handful of magnificent temples in Sapa. These splendid religious hubs dotted in this romantic little town in Northwest Vietnam not only exude a divine aura through their impressive architecture but also own their incredible history. As a result, they are, not surprisingly, not only well-known in our country but have gained global fame.

Keep on reading to discover the temples of Mau Son and Mau Thuong – these must-visit destinations on your Sapa tours.


Mau Son Temple in Sapa

The temples of Mau Son and Mau Thuong have been popular places that existed as part of the historical and spiritual life of Sapa localities as well as part of all Sapa group tours. Dedicated to the holy Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh – an iconic image of mercy, these two temples stand out with its stunning architecture.

The holy Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh (or Thánh mẫu Liễu Hạnh or Công chúa Liễu Hạnh in Vietnamese) – who was believed to use her power to give the locals a much happier life – is considered as one of the Four Immortals of Thanism.

Why are these temples of Mau Son and Mau Thuong must-visit destinations in Sapa? 


Mau Thuong Temple

Mau Son Temple is found in the site of Group 4, Thach Son Road, in the center of Sapa town. This cantonment area of Sapa town dates its construction back to 200 years ago. The Mau Son Temple’s structure that we see today was reconstructed in 2013. Mau Son Temple is a notable religious, cultural and spiritual center, which attracts 1,000-1,200 tourists each month.

3km to the northwest from Mau Son Temple is located Mau Thuong Temple. This temple in Group 11 worships Mẫu Thượng Ngàn (the Mother Goddess of Forest) will bring people from different walks of life from across the nation to Sapa Town to seek blessings of the daughter of the King of Heaven. As it is pretty far from the town center, you need to get there by motorbike. This temple ,built a few centuries ago and reconstructed in 2002, welcomes 500-700 devotees every month.

Even though there are not many interesting activities such as annual festivities, spiritual sessions, cung van and lovers of singing, recitals, and prayers for the residing deities taking place here, they have their own appealing features. Not only a place to see how locals honor the leading figure in the mother goddess cult Đạo Mẫu – one of the significant beliefs and practices that Vietnamese people believe in, the temples of Mau Son and Mau Thuong are also where you can experience the long-term tradition of worshipping the Mother Goddesses of Vietnamese people – which has been acknowledged as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since December 2009.

Make sure to get off the well-trodden tourist paths to immerse yourself in the cool fresh atmosphere and jaw-dropping scenery of Mau Son and Mau Thuong Temples, wander around to get a snap-shot of the local spiritual life, and interact with the hospitable locals.

Best time to visit the temples of Mau Son and Mau Thuong? 


A place to visit in Sapa

When is the best time to visit the two temples of Mau Son and Mau Thuong? It is always a frequently asked question amongst travelers on their Vietnam heritage tour. These two temples attract averagely hundreds of visitors every month and the highest number of tourists is witnessed during the period from the 1st to the 7th lunar year. Therefore, if you do not want to be stuck in the crowd, avoid these months.

Another factor to take into consideration is Sapa’s weather. It has two distinct seasons – the dry season from October to May (of the following year) and the wet season from June to September. The disadvantaged weather conditions together with the dangerous slippery roads and terrains prevent people from taking part in their Vietnam heritage tours in Sapa. So, if you want to have these temples of Mau Son and Mau Thuong to yourself, go when people do not go.

The temples of Mau Son and Mau Thuong are architectural and historical masterpieces making Sapa a boom for tourism in Northwest Vietnam. Don’t miss them on your Sapa tours!

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