The attractive beauty of Den Village in Sapa


During Sapa tours, tourists are often interested in exploring the traditional villages of the Sapa ethnic people, where visitors can enjoy the nature, learn about the local lifestyle, activities as well as the featured culture and customs of Sapa. One of the most visited Sapa villages by travelers is Den Village.


Sapa in the fog

Den Village in Ban Ho (Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province) is known to many tourists as one of the attractive tourist attractions in Sapa with the wonderful nature and unique cultural characteristics of the local people here. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that visiting Den Village is one of the things to do in Sapa.

Ban Ho is located 30 km southwest of Sapa town center. There are 5 ethnic groups namely Mong, Dao, Tay, Giay and Nung (mostly Tay) living together. Although there are no location advantages near the tourist center as other villages in Sapa, Ban Ho attracts tourists with its beautiful natural scenery, the legendary streams and waterfalls as well as many other unique cultural heritages.

Coming to Den Village during, tourists will see the winding roads between the valley and the beautiful terraced fields. The road leading up to Den Village is small, curving and quite difficult to go, however, it cannot stop the ambition of visitors who love Sa Pa and always aspire to explore nature, mountains and forests of the Northwest. Here, visitors not only can admire the natural scenery, poetic poetry, unique architecture of the wood stilt houses of the ethnic people but also have a chance to live in friendly, cozy environment and participate in many communal activities.


Muong Hoa Stream

Once setting foot in Den Village, visitors will definitely be overwhelmed by the beauty of a lush green rice terraced fields and scattered houses along both sides of the stream. The center of Ban Ho is Den Village, which is the meeting point of the two streams of Muong Hoa and La Ve. Unlike Muong Hoa stream flowing through dozens of different village day by day, La Ve stream flows to Den Village from the deep forest in high mountains. Perhaps because of its origin, this stream also seems clearer and more mysterious than the other.


Terraced fields in Den Village

Traveling to Den Village in Sapa is a great opportunity for visitors to drop the soul at the picturesque stream as well as listen to the murmur of the stream. In addition to two famous streams Muong Hoa and La Ve, there are still a series of beautiful streams and waterfalls in Ban Ho such as Ca Nhay, Seo Trung Ho, etc. which are attracting the passion, the ambition of exploring the poetic nature of tourists. In particular, Seo Trung Ho Waterfall with the height of over a hundred meters, described as the white silk banded midway down the mountain, has recently become a new must-see destination in any Sapa trekking tours.

Moreover, going to Den Village, travelers are able to discover the special culture of the ethnic people here by getting involved in the lyrics, local songs, ancient dances and traditional rituals. For the people living in Den Village, those ceremonies, the songs and the dances are their precious cultural characteristics, which are really attractive to visitors. Besides, the people here also do some traditional occupations such as growing cotton, mulberry, raising silkworms, making traditional crafts and silk and bring them to the market for tourists especially the foreigners. Interestingly, because of having met a variety of international visitors, the locals can speak English and French. They even know how to use cell phones but they still keep their traditional cultural features.


Singing and dancing with ethnic people

These days, visitors have been attracted to Den Village by Sapa homestay tours with many special things. Currently, about the 30 best and most beautiful stilt houses in Den Village have been chosen to develop this new type of tourism. Since then, a greater influx of people has visited Den Village during their Sapa tours to stay overnight in this village. Especially, among them, there are a large number of young Vietnamese.


Stilt house in Den Village

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