Vietnam with its natural beauty and plenty of hidden gems is an emerging destination for adventure lovers. One of the most popular activities here is trekking. Since most of the suitable sites for this are under the radar, many travelers are unaware of the options they have while in the country. So, hellosapavietnam has piled up a list of best places for Vietnam trekking tours down below.

Pu Luong

To begin with, the typical point that makes Pu Luong trekking tours completely different from the others would be its amazing landscape.The Pu Luong limestone landscape is an area of outstanding beauty, cultural interest, and high biodiversity. Stretching from Mai Chau in the North to Cuc Phuong national park in the West, Pu Luong is blessed with rich forest, limestone panoramas, magnificent rice terraces and breathtaking scenery. On this tour, you will experience the everyday life and culture of Thai and Muong people, stay in scenic villages and in the traditional homestay.

Pu Luong

Pu Luong attracts foreign Tourists each year

Mai Chau is famous for its beautiful mountains and valleys, and the Thai people while Pu Luong is still unspoiled and outstanding with its biodiversity value, a globally important example of a lowland limestone forest ecosystem, covered by rich tropical forest.  With Pu Luong trekking tours-one of the best Viet Nam trekking tours, you will have a chance to visit both these destinations.

Bac Son

Next, to Bac son valley trekking tours, Bac Son is a rural district of Lạng Sơn Province in Northeast region of Vietnam and it is situated 160km northeast of Ha Noi. With the blessing of mother nature, Bac Son valley is a perfect place for our trekking tour in Viet Nam. Under the blazing sun with mystery mountain sceneries and vast green rice field.it will be amazed by the legendary beauty of northeast of Vietnam.It will become an unforgettable memory for visitors.

Relax for a while in the local's homestay and have a Vietnamese lunch well-prepared by his family.Have some rice wine if you like and feel free to learn some local Tay ethnics cultures by talking with the friendly host.

Climb steps by steps through forested slopes – the higher you trek, the more impressive the landscapes get. When you reach the summit of this mountain where standing a cell phone tower – the highest location for the breathtaking panorama of entire Bac Son valley – the impressive landscapes, immense valleys surrounded by magnificent forested, and peak-to-peak mountains are captured into your vision.

With its ideal topography, Bac Son valley is a great place for Bac Son valley trekking Tour.

Bac Son Valley

Nothing can be more wonderful!                


Sapa trekking tours are one of the most fantastic things to do when coming to Vietnam, something can provide tourists peace in the soul, deep impressions, and unforgettable memories. Nested in Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, in northwestern Vietnam, Sapa is famed for its authentic rugged scenery, mild weather and rich cultural diversity. Sapa is a graceful mountainous town endowed by picturesque mountains and rice terraces. The temperature averaging 15 to 18 -degree census during the best time of September to November; and March to May gains the heart of almost every relaxing vacationer. It is also home to many hill tribes with four main groups of Hmong, Yao, Tay and Giay ethnic minorities.

Sapa Stone Church

If you are traveling to the northern parts of Vietnam and if you love nature, you simply can't miss trekking in Sapa. Feel the natural rhythm of stunning sapa mountains marvel at the tranquility of its green valleys and explore one of Viet Nam ‘s most scenic region in fall Sapa trekking tours are excellent journeys for your trips.

Arriving in Sapa, adventurous travelers should not miss the chance to challenge Fansipan – the Mount Everest of Vietnam topping out at 3,143 meters. Also, they could trek various villages through paddy fields. For some less adventurous experience, some other villages such as Lao Chai could be accessible via vans or bicycles.

Sapa is definitely a place to remember. And maybe to return as well! Come and enjoy the breathtaking beauty on some of Viet Nam trekking tours to indulge in local life and allow yourself to adapt to the rhythm of the valley, with its stilted villages and endless rice fields. Prepare for a memorable mountain trek including spectacular panoramic views and be impressed by the mighty mountains and lush green forest.


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