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The grandiose beauty of Sapa’s terraced rice fields


The terraced rice fields in Sapa is a perfect combination of nature and human’s effort. They have surprised millions of tourists who go on North Vietnam group tours.

When is the best time to visit the terraced fields in Sapa?


Terraced rice field sapa

Terraced rice fields are considered a symbol of Sapa as well as Northern Vietnam group tours. You can find them in various images showing the beauty of Sapa.

There are two seasons in a year that the terraced fields look most spectacular. The first one is the ripening season, which is from September to November. And the second one is the flooded rice field season, which is from April to May.

Visiting Sapa in those times, you will have a chance to observe two most important phases in the local farmers’ cultivation process. Especially, the ripening season – the second phase – lasts only about 1-2 weeks so you should book your tickets soon.

In case you are busy in those months, December, January, and February can some other ideal choices. Sapa is in winter at that time. But if you are lucky, you can see the snow falling thick in the fields. It is something that infrequently happens in a tropical country like Vietnam.

A long history of terraced fields in Sapa


Ripening season sapa

Most people, even those who live in Vietnam, know that terraced rice fields are attractive. But hardly do they discover their long history.

The terraced field is a cultivation method of numerous ethnic groups in not only Vietnam but also the world. After hundreds of years being introduced to Vietnam, it has become very common in mountainous areas.

The ground for this method is the terrain of mountainous areas. Because it is full of obstacles, growing crops is very difficult for farmers. Therefore, they overcome it by choosing hillslopes where there are rich soil and grow rice for food.

The terraced rice fields in Sapa have been created and maintained by many generations. The ethnic groups which are the most excellent at terraced field farming are the Hani, Yao, Hmong, Giay, and Tay.

In today’s time, the terraced rice fields are not only a symbol of Northern Vietnam but also the main source of food for many hill tribes. It is an effective method of agriculture on sloped terrain. Moreover, it contributes an enormous part to tourism products in Sapa in particular and in Northern Vietnam in general.

After over a hundred years, the beauty of terraced rice fields in Sapa has been spread beyond Vietnam borders and heading to the world. North Vietnam tours; therefore, become very common and famous.

The magnificence of the terraced fields


Flooded field season sapa

Sometimes, living in cities makes us forget how beautiful this world is. We are so busy with our lives that we completely don’t have time to rest. And only when we want a life in the slow lane do we start finding places such as Sapa. It is the spot where various people visit to look for some peace in their soul.

The tranquil atmosphere and grandiose landscape of Sapa’s terraced fields cannot be found in many destinations. Perhaps, this is the reason why photographers always choose the ripening as well as flooded rice field seasons to have group tours in North Vietnam.

In the ripening season, the terraced paddy fields turning from green to yellow make an incredible scenery. Each step is layered on another one, keeping on to the horizon. Mother Nature has given Sapa a precious gift that hardly any other places can have.

The flooded rice field season is another attractive point of Sapa. This is the time before farmers start their cultivation process and also the wet season. The rain comes very often and quickly fills up the fields. As a result, they get flooded and the most delightful landscapes of summer start appearing.

When you look from above, the fields are similar to the smooth hair of a pretty girl. But if you look closely, it is just like a giant waterfall with hundreds of steps. You can even hear the sound of water flowing and birds singing if you pay attention. Try sitting somewhere and feel the atmosphere. Your soul will find its peace immediately.

This is probably one of the explanations for the attractiveness of Sapa and also North Vietnam group tours.

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