The myth behind Sapa Salmon’s gastronomy sensation


Within the past decade, the name Sapa has aroused quite a lot when someone happens to plan out the best things to do in Vietnam, especially within the Northwestern highland section of the country. As a consequence, it is not an issue to note down what to do, where to stay or which Sapa group tours are the most worthwhile to sign up for. However, not many people genuinely know how to travel in Sapa like a real local, if not saying, how to sort out the most memorable trip in the city. Consuming Sapa Salmon is definitely one to be noticed. Why is it phenomenal? Scroll down for the details.


A living Sapa Salmon

Spot out the largest fabricated Salmon farms in Sapa

Even though Sapa Salmon has been taking the domestic travel industry by storm during the past few years, tourists in their previous Sapa small group tours to this hilly landmark had commonly accustomed to other popular food cooked out of bush-meat, stream fish, wild veggies and temperate fruits. For the time being, a new tasty name has been introduced to Sapa lovers, a Western-imported fish species, Sapa Salmon. In addition to an experience of visiting sought-after attractions such as the ethnic hamlets, the scenic trekking routes, Indochina’s Summit and so on, a sightseeing trip to the hugest Salmon farm across Northern Vietnam would also be included.


Inside a farm


Rainbow Trout fillet

Found right at the foot of Silver Waterfall at 1800 meters above sea level, Rainbow Trout, a native European and American Salmon species are well raised and cared in various large artificial farms. The two exceptional features relating to Rainbow Trout’s natural habitat are “moving water” and “under 15 Celsius degrees” environment.


Silver Waterfall

As a consequence, in order to provide a proper “dwelling” to such species, the entire water source is conducted inside a 1000-meter pipe equipped from the upper reach of the Silver Waterfall directly to the farm. In spite of the fact that Rainbow Trout has been found raised in various sites yet Sapa is always the leading name regarding the most successful habitats for Salmon.

Following the interesting Sapa group tour reviews before entering Vietnam, many visitors have decided to pay a visit to the site for a deeper insight towards the Salmon fishing industry as well as to observe the living Salmon moving vividly under the surface of the water. The newly-brought presence of Sapa Rainbow Trout in the middle of Vietnam’s Northwestern woods has made a great impact on Sapa guests’ collection of experiences. There is no reason why you skip to see the farm as the site of Silver Waterfall sits right next to the path leading to Indochina’s Summit, Fansipan Peak. You can choose to put the two combined all in a one-day trip when in Sapa.

Which dishes can Sapa Salmon bring out its best essence?

Witnessing the Sapa Salmon raising procedure is not the only thing you can be offered. Consuming such savory and fresh Salmon fillet can be widely carried out in various restaurants, bistros, and hotels all over the land of Sapa. Hence, do not forget to have it ordered by your Sapa group tour guide when visiting the place.


A Salmon feast

With an ability to bring out a strong taste, along with an eye-catching blush filled in each fillet and high values in nutrition, Rainbow Trout is a new big star in the local gastronomy dining options. A temperate weather throughout a year going along one frozen snowy winter makes Sapa Salmon come with their firm fillet, no fat and a high quality that ever falls behind imported Salmon units. If Sapa is your upcoming journey in Northern Vietnam, remember to have them cooked as a salad, hotpot, porridge, BBQ, steamed or smoked.


Salmon Hotpot

Going along with a distinctive natural and cultural values, it would be a long-lasting memory once you choose to have a native Bắc Hà wine served beside such unique Sapa Rainbow Trout. This will surely deliver a fantastic experience for those searching for an off-the-beaten-path thing to do in Vietnam’s Northwestern face.


Salmon salad

With our intricate disclose above, now you have one more thing to set aside when taking one of the Sapa group tours from Hanoi to this hilly land. Feel free to give it a go and get your own answer on why Sapa Salmon cannot be missed.

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