The Sapa Cathedral- the ideal choice for a Sapa trekking tour


If you are planning to have a Sapa trekking tour, the stone cathedral is an ideal choice for you. This destination brings tourists the amazing sceneries along with the unforgettable experiences. The followings will give you useful information about this site.


The Sapa Cathedral

Built in 1895, the Sapa Cathedral is considered as the ancient architectural mark of the French in Sapa, Lao Cai. It is embellished and preserved, becoming an indispensable image when referring to Sapa Town. Many people said that the cathedral is the first highlight of the town when they are in a Sapa tour.

The church has many different names because of the habits of the locals as well as visitors such as the Sapa ancient cathedral, the stone cathedral, the Rosary Cathedral, etc. The church was built from stone with the Gothic architecture of Roman.


Inside the cathedral

The architecture is expressed through the roof, bell tower, and arch. All of them are the pyramid bringing an elegant beauty of the construction. They connected the stone with the mixture of sand, lime, and molasses. The wall of the crucifix was designed roughly so that the viewer feels as if the stalactites flow down, increasing the natural beauty. In the past, the roof was made of lime straw, now replaced by tile.


The colored windows

Located in the center of Sapa, the total area of the church is more than 6000 square meters. When you are in a Sapa tour, you cannot miss this great place. There is a large stadium in front of the church. Every day, the locals often gather here to exchange the goods and attract a number of travelers to walk around and buy souvenirs. In the evening, the cathedral becomes really attractive by the colorful lights.


The Love Market

Besides, one of the things to do in Sapa is to take part in the cultural activities and admire by the beautiful brocade of Mong, Dao, and so on. The praying activity on the weekends makes the church become more sparkling, fanciful, and charming. Otherwise, every Saturday the sound of syrinx calls the lovers of the couples in the Love Market that is typical for the ethnic culture and the breath of mountains and forests of the Northwest.


The cathedral in the fog

The Rosary Cathedral is situated in an ideal location: the Ham Rong Mountain behind, in front of a large, flat area that can develop a lot of cultural architectures serving the social activities of the community. Especially, standing on both four sides still can enjoy the monument, along with two other structures built by the French including Chu Cau Villa ( Hong Lien Hotel now) and the old committee area (the headquarter of Lao Cai Tourism Information Center now) forming a symmetrical triangle with the unique French architecture. All these will make your Sapa group tour more wonderful.


The end of the cathedral

The direction of the church plays a truly important spiritual significance in the mind of the Catholic. According to many documents, the head turns to the East, the direction of the sunrise, towards the source of God. The end of the church (the bell tower) turns to the West, the birthplace of Christ.

The cathedral includes the church area, guest area, monk area, animal area, angel area, yard, fence, and the Holy Garden. The church area has seven aisles with more than 500 square meters. The bell tower is 20 meters high, inside the tower there is a 1.5- meter bell molded in 1932 and be 500 kilograms. Its sound can ring within the 1-kilometer radius. On the surface of the bell, there is clearly the number of people donating money to mold the bell. Moreover, the rack of the bell is made from pomusau tree that is stayed the same after the restoration.


The cathedral at night

On the Sapa tour, the Sapa Cathedral becomes a great destination for a number of tourists. After the restoration and renovation because of the war and the devastation of nature, however; the church still retains the charm and soul of the religious architecture. With the peaceful beauty, the Sapa cathedral still gets many mysteries that need to be discovered.

The above are some useful information that is necessary for you to enjoy a perfect Sapa trekking tour. Hope that you will get a nice trip with many memorable experiences in Sapa, an amazing destination.

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