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Top 5 experiences for your Sapa adventure tours


With mountain trails and magnificent natural scenery, Sapa has long been known as an ideal destination for adventure travelers. This below article from hellosapavietnam will suggest you best experiences that you can’t miss to make the best of your Sapa adventure tour.

1. Conquer the Fansipan Mountain

Fansipan Mountain Peak

Fansipan Mountain Peak (Source: Internet)

Located in Sapa town, Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam at 3143m and also considered as the “Roof of Indochina”. If you seek for adventure experiences in Sapa conquering the Fansipan Mountain is definitely on your list of things to do in Sapa. To conquer this mountain, you have to challenge yourself with numerous slopping trails and overcome many difficulties. But just when you reach the peak, you will forget all the difficulties and be allured by the breathtaking natural scenery of rice terrace fields under misty fog through the panoramic mountain view.

2. Trek to Sapa villages

Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village (Source: Internet)

Sapa is an ideal destination for trekkers. You can make the best of your Sapa adventure tours by trekking through the mountain trails and visit the ethnic minorities villages in Sapa. For your trekking routes, the most popular places to visit in Sapa are Muong Hoa Valley, Cat Cat, Lao Chai, Ta Van and Ta Phin Village. During your trek, you will have the chance to witness the natural scenery of Sapa with green rice paddies, poetic streams and small villages under the blurred fog.

3. Watch Sapa town from above in Ham Rong Mountain Peak

Sapa from above

Sapa from above (Source: Internet)

Observing the Sapa town from the 1800m high tower on Ham Rong Mountain is one of the top things to do in Sapa. From here, you can admire the beauty of the town through a panoramic view, which is such an enjoyable experience. To get here, you will wander through the stone paths and also see colorful flower gardens with over hundreds of orchids.

4. Cross the O Quy Ho Pass by motorbike

O Quy Ho Pass

O Quy Ho Pass (Source: Internet)

O Quy Ho is one of the four greatest mountain passes in Vietnam. With 50-kilometer long road running around the Hoang Lien Son Range, between Lao Cai and Lai Chau, O Quy Ho is also the longest mountain pass in Vietnam. Cross the winding O Quy Ho pass by motorbike is truly an amazing experience that any adventure tourist going to Sapa can’t skip. As you stand on the top of the O Quy Ho pass, you will enjoy the stunning view and majestic landscape blessed by nature.

5. Experience unique Sapa specialties

Barbecue in Sapa

Barbecue grill in Sapa (Source: Internet)

It would be a pity for your Sapa adventure tours if you forget to experience Sapa specialties. Some must-eat dishes in Sapa are salmon fish, stream fish, sticky rice cooked in bamboo, pig “theft armpit”, grilled pork, cai meo, thang co, etc. In the cold and foggy weather of Sapa, nothing can be more exciting than gathering with friends and experiencing the barbecue grill or tasty hot pot with corn wine at night in the exciting Sapa town center.

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