Top things you can do in Bac Ha Market Day during Sapa homestay tours


Bac Ha is a small district in Lao Cai Province which is about 100 kilometers from Sapa Town. Bac Ha Market Day is not simply a place for merchandising. It reveals the most eminent traits in the culture of ethnic groups. Let’s take a look at the top activities for travelers in Sapa homestay tours

Pay the cattle market a visit


Bac Ha dogs

Visiting the cattle market is one of the most interesting things to do in Sapa Town. It is located at the end of the marketplace and on a high hill separated from other areas. Although it is called the cattle market, you can find all types of animals here.

The most common ones are cocks, pigs, buffalos, cows, and dogs. The area for dog trading is always packed because not only the local citizens but also tourists want to own a pet. And Bac Ha dogs are famous for their intelligence, shagginess, and loyalty. Many people come all the way to Bac Ha Market Day only to buy one of them.

Buy some ornamental plants


Bac Ha orchids

You will find many merchandisers selling ornamental plants and wild orchids at the front gate of the market. They offer numerous types, each of which has its own charm. The sellers will show you some tips to take care of these special plants if you ask them.

It is recommended to visit this small plant market early. The most beautiful orchids can be sold out in the case you arrive at the market at noon. And don’t worry about the prices because they usually take less than $5 or even a few cents.

Take a look at the herbal remedies


Herbal remedies

Traditional medicine may not be well-known in Western countries. However, it is quite common in Vietnam and used by various people. Traditional medicine is popular in Lao Cai Province as well and the most prominent feature about it is the herbal remedies.

In Bac Ha Market Day, you can see many of them, such as Panax pseudoginseng, Indian mulberry root, and tuber fleece flower. They are collected from all of the places in Lao Cai Province by the local people and traded in the market. These herbal remedies can be excellent gifts for your friends after Sapa tours

Stop by the brocade shops


Brocade products

Brocade is probably the most fascinating thing in Bac Ha Market Day. It not only makes up the clothes for Bac Ha people’s daily life but also serves as an exclusive souvenir. The brocade here looks splendid with patterns which carry the unique traits of ethnic minorities in Vietnam.

You will be able to find a large number of products in Bac Ha Market Day, such as purses, bags, handkerchiefs, dresses, and hats. They are displayed everywhere in the kiosks and it is easy to look for something that you like. For your information, the brocade commodities take craftsmen in Bac Ha District about a month or even a year to accomplish.

Enjoy the food and beverages


Thang Co

Taking part in a Sapa culture tour without trying the food and beverages in Bac Ha Market Day will be a significant regret. Street restaurants usually start opening at 7 am. When entering the market through the main gate, you will immediately catch them on two sides of the entrance.

Thang Co, sour noodle, men men, and corn plain rice flan are the most popular dishes. Having a cup of corn wine, a habitual beverage of the Yao in Bac Ha District, while enjoying those foods will give you the best dining experience in your life.

Don’t forget the chance to communicate with the local people


Bac Ha local citizens

Besides being a business place, Bac Ha Market is a destination for the citizens to meet one another as well as travelers. And because it is organized only one day in a week, this is an exciting opportunity for you to communicate and discover the life of ethnic groups living in Lao Cai.

They are the women who always look so happy in their traditional costumes and welcome customers all the time. They are also the men who patiently give you advises about ornamental plants or introduce the most spectacular landscapes to visit in Sapa Town. Without them, Sapa homestay tours will be incredibly tiresome.

*Some notifications for visitors:

  • Bac Ha Market Day begins in the early Sunday morning and ends at 2 pm.
  • There is a night market on Saturdays for performances
  • You will find a large number of hotels and homestays close to the marketplace. Their prices are about 200,000 dongs/night ($8.58) and above.

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