Bac Ha (Lao Cai) is a Northwestern district with many beautiful scenic spots bearing nature and history. When having a North Vietnam group tour, in addition to the natural scenery gifted as the majestic mountains, rivers, and caves, you cannot miss the chance to visit Bac Ha. This is also the ideal place to discover the primitive, the customs of Bac Ha people with dishes bearing the identity of the Northwest.


Beautiful nature in Bac Ha

If you want to feel full of activities, the culture of the people here, the ideal time to have North Vietnam group tour to Bac Ha is the period of 2 days weekend. If you move from Hanoi (300 km distance) from early morning on Saturday, you will arrive in the middle of the afternoon. There are many guesthouses. You can endure the time before dark to visit the Imperial Citadel in the center of Bac Ha, with beautiful features bearing Asia-Europe architectural combination.

Go for another 3 km, you can visit the Thai Giang Pho Flower Valley with many flowers that if you like, you can easily buy a pot to bring home. Coming to Giang Luu Flower Valley, immersed in the color space of the flowers and fresh air of the mountains to help visitors dispel fatigue.


Bac Ha market

At about 8 p.m every Saturday, you can enjoy the musical exchange program of the Hmong people. The program is attracted by a variety of music items such as star dancing, local dance, flute playing or songs by the Hmong people. At the end of the day, both tourists and locals join hands and dances around the campfire.

On the second day in the land of Bac Ha, there are many interesting things waiting for you. From early morning to 3 p.m on Sundays, the local fair is held every week. In this market, you can enjoy many specialties or buy souvenirs and gifts in the highlands for friends. These can be hats, scarves, handbags, pillow cases, bracelets – neckwear and so on are meticulously processed and eye-catching.

During your tour in Bac Ha, you can be surprised by the various and unique of the food here. If you want to discover the cuisine of Vietnam, then Bac Ha will definitely not let you down. The following is some dishes that you must enjoy in your Bac Ha tour.

The first specialty cannot be missed when coming to Bac Ha market is Thang Co. This dish is so popular that nearly every time in the dining area, there is a large pan boiling to boast as well as inviting customers. Although it is a traditional meal in Bac Ha, many visitors feel strange and anxious about the smell of Thang Co. When the pan is still on the stove, people can eat Thang Co and sit right next to the pan. The best time to try Thang Co is when the weather is cold. You can enjoy the meal with a cup of excellent wine, which is a favorite part of many people when visiting the market in Bac Ha. Today, Thang Co is a little variety of the taste so that many visitors can try it. But you can still find the old tried and sold in the market. Nearly 200 years, Bac Ha is the cradle of this meal. Therefore, you can find here the original taste of this meal. A wonderful meal for a group tour in Northern Vietnam, right?


Seven-color steamed sticky rice

The second specialty that you should try is the two dishes named Men Men and seven colors sticky rice that is sold pretty much at the market in Bac Ha in a central area. Getting to know people who sole this two dishes is pretty easy as they always have one or two hidden containers in front of them. Men Men is made from the finest selected corn seeds. After harvesting, the maize is separated by a small mortar. Then mix with a certain amount of water and beat until cooked. The golden stain, so lightly hand-picked, eat the smell of corn and smell of corn. Vegetarian food with tofu will be very delicious and harmonious taste. The seven colors are probably the most popular dish for anyone who has traveled the Northwest. The past seven colors only appeared on New Year’s Eve, but later as it is the favorite dishes in many markets and restaurants, it is also popular sold in Bac Ha market. The seven colors – pink, red, red, blue, yellow, green, banana, yellow – are not only valuable in nutritional ingredients but also deeply spiritual value. Legend tells that every color of the sticky rice represents for each month of the war that took place in Muong Khuong, Lao Cai. Ethnic people have created eye-catching glutinous rice and especially with only natural ingredients to create fresh colors, brewing unique feature into traditional dishes.

If Ha Giang has the Nho Que River winding as fear of silver, Moc Chau has a brilliant golden field, Y Ty has sky clouds, “bong lai scene”, the land of Bac Ha again brings beauty. Single, mixed colors in its own way. And if you are wondering where to go, what to play then quickly book Vietnam tour packages from US and go to visit to feel the unique and the beauty of Bac Ha.

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