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A Pa Chai is considered as the westernmost point on the mainland of Vietnam, which borders the two countries of China and Laos. A Pa Chai is located in Sin Thau commune, Muong Nhe district. Located at an altitude of 1864m above sea level, the main living place of Ha Nhi ethnic group and some other ethnic minorities.

I/ The ideal time to travel to A Pa Chai

The best time to go to A Pa Chai is during the dry season, especially in Vietnam all-inclusive packages from November to April. At this time, the road is not a landslide or slippery, convenient for moving. In this time, there is also the second month of lunar calendar, the local festival is held in the attractive edition of the Ha Nhi.


Conquer the road A Pa Chai

II/ How to travel to A Pa Chai

  • Motorbike – the most convenient transportation when Travel to Vietnam

The best way to discover and conquer A Pa Chai is by motorbike. From Ha Noi, take Highway 6, go through Hoa Binh, Cao Phong, Moc Chau, Yen Chau, Lai Chau, Thuan Chau, Tuan Giao, via Highway 279 to Dien Bien Phu. From here, continue to move to Muong Cha, Muong Nhe to A Pa Chai.

  • Buses

You can catch the car at some Coach stations of My Dinh and Giap Bat. The coach lasts about 13 – 14 hours. Traveling by this form of transportation has another advantage is that you can send a motorbike attached to you. Reference price: 350k / person.

  • Planes

If you do not have enough health and want to save time, go by air, you will save time traveling compared to other means. Currently, Vietnam Airlines has a flight from Hanoi to Dien Bien, by plane, time will be shortened to only 1 hour.

III/Application for a permit when coming to A Pa Chai

In the past, Tourists coming to A Pa Chai was required to obtain permission from the Border Guard Command of Dien Bien province. Currently, once you are in Vietnam all-inclusive package, you only need to prepare your identity papers such as ID card or passport, driver’s license … If you are traveling with a group, you should carefully ask for a referral from the company. It is best to check these regulations carefully before reaching the Westernmost of Vietnam.


Moutain in A Pa Chai

IV: Things should be prepared before conquering A Pa Chai

In addition to medicine, raincoat, telephone, camera and so on, you should prepare protective gear and personal first aid box.

You should choose long-sleeved, neat climbing clothes and good boots. Please follow the guidance of Border Guards to ensure safety for yourself and your group.

Vietnam travel packages  give you other notes

Prepare lunch if you do not register at the border station.

Maintain sanitation at your place of residence as well as on the roads where you pass, especially the border station or the Sin Bridge.

Time to get to the milestone takes about 4h and downtime is 3h. Therefore, to facilitate travel, rest, you should start the journey in the morning.

V/Conquering A Pa Chai

From Border Guards Station 317, in order to reach the border crossing, in addition to the necessary equipment and utensils, you need to obtain permission from the border guards of Dien Bien province. It will take about 2 hours to process your request. The starting time of the Border Guard Command in Dien Bien is 8 am. It is interesting to conquer A Pa Chai that instead of having to hire a local guide, the soldiers of the border guard station 317 will be your guide.


A Pa Chai terraces

From station 317 to milestone 0 it is only about 5km high, but you have to peddle to over 15 km with about 4 -5 hours crossing the jungle, crossing the new stream to get to the place. This is not only a journey of health but also of the will, the persistence of the conqueror. The road is full of gravel, crossing the hills of tall grass overhead and sharp.

If you do not have the willpower and determination to succeed, you can easily be defeated by the coldness of the Northwestern mountains and the tiredness of being so soft after hours of continuous climbing on the road. To regain strength in the wilderness, it’s good to have a few mouthfuls of water along the stream and enjoy the beauty of the jungle.

Throughout the journey, there will be no shortage of stories of the border guard so that suddenly the border crossing is in front of the face. The joy of bursting and all the fatigue will disappear when facing the front is a milestone 0 on top of the majestic La San mountain.

In the middle is a 2m high triangle milestone, with three faces facing each of the three countries, each carved with its national name in the national language and national emblem of each country. Here you will witness the greeting ceremony and check the zero milestones of the soldiers of the border guard, A Pa Chai.


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