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Vietnam countryside tours to Mai Chau


The picturesque scenery surrounded by mountains, majestic, immense rice fields will dispel the noisy crowd that always surrounds you in the city, Vietnam countryside tours to Mai Chau must be the right choice.

Each season Mai Chau has its own features so you can go to Mai Chau at any time. However, if you want to have the best time for countryside tour in Vietnam, then visiting Mai Chau in summer is an ideal choice with cool weather.


Mai Chau field

Mai Chau is far from Hoa Binh City about 60km, so motorbike is considered as the most convenient for you to have Vietnam countryside tours in one day. If you don’t like moving by motorbike, you can catch a direct bus from Hanoi to Mai Chau. From the town, if you want to thoroughly explore the scenery and practices of Mai Chau people, the best way is experiencing the bike.


Cycling in Mai Chau

Come to Mai Chau and ride the bike around the village, you will be able to see the peaceful scenery, visit the village or climb the high slopes to admire the scenic serenity from the high viewpoint.

Up to now, despite the high rise buildings and urban areas, Mai Chau still retains the green of the mountains, the rustic simplicity of terraced fields, stilt houses. If you want luxury and peace, you can also visit Ecolodge Mai Chau to enjoy the service here, Ecolodge is located on the hill of Pu Pu just a few steps away from the Lac Village.


Interesting cycling tour

The landscape here is harmonious with nature to create a large and fresh space. Mai Chau attracts a lot of Vietnamese people and visitors from the West. This is must be an answer to your question of where to go for countryside tour in Vietnam, right?

Not only that, you will surely enjoy the eye-catching images of stilted houses, winding roads, and even flooded people. In Mai Chau, for the stilted houses you rented there, the landlord can also provide you free bicycles or one with reasonable price.

On one day in this valley, you can see four different seasons. The early morning was like the spring, the sun was shining through the bright yellow leaves like summer at noon, wind whispers softly in your ears like in an autumn afternoon, and it becomes colder like winter in the evening.

There is nothing interesting like sitting on a bicycle and crossing the rice paddies, the stilted houses close together, the windy paths and watching the scene of the people here. For me it is a great thing, it makes you feel forget about the fatigue of life. You will have chances to visit Van, Xa village, Toan hamlet, Chaam Long, Tra village, Chieng Xa, Nhot hamlet, Na Phon; Lac village, Ban Van village and Mai Chau market.

Lac Lac and Pom Coong villages are two popular tourist spots of Mai Chau, so the accommodation here is very improved. You can stay in these hotels or the tourist homestay where you can find out and understand the lives of ethnic minorities in this place.

During your journey, you can try the variety of traditional foods here. Mai Chau has a very rich, various but unique culinary source provided by Mai Chau dishes such as Lam steamed Rice, Sour Marinated Beef, Bitter Mango, Muong Pork, Dried Bee, Mai Chau Sticky Rice, chicken hill, Mai Ha wine, grilled spring fish, etc.

You must pass by Thung Khe on your countryside tour in Mai Chau Vietnam. On the peak, you can admire Mai Chau valley from above. Especially, in Thung Khe you also can experience 4 seasons, spring summer, autumn and winter in just one day. With windy bends and beautiful natural scenery, Thung Khe Pass attracts a lot of foreign as well as domestic tourists coming here to explore marvelous nature each year. Or you can visit La Lac, Pom Coong where you can have many attractive community services such as homestays, homestay tours, and cultural tours of ethnic minorities, festivals, or specialties Mai Chau. These two tourism haunts cannot be ignored when you go to Mai Chau in one day.

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