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What is the best time to explore the spectacular beauty of Bac Son Valley?


If you are planning to have a journey to the mountainous region, taking a Bac Son Valley trekking tour is one of the best choices for you. Bac Son Valley is famous for an immense paddy field that attracts tourists at the first sight.


Another view of Bac Son

Bac Son is a mountainous district, located in the West of Lang Son Province. It is well known as not only a wonderful historical destination but also the attractive scenery. Bac Son Valley is situated among the limestone mountain, along with the river winding around the immense paddy fields. All these create a beautiful and charming picture.

In the past, Bac Son used to be a resistance base where the Bac Son insurrection broke out in the 1940s. Bac Son Valley is also the place where many archaeological relics of prehistoric people were discovered. Thanks to this, the archaeologists found a civilization of the ancient Vietnamese people in the Neolithic named Bac Son culture.


The paddy field

Nowadays, the inhabitants in Bac Son Valley include Kinh, Nung, Dao, Tay people with the traditional stilt houses that are typical for this site and help it become more rustic and peaceful. The land in Bac Son is very fertile, therefore; the main work of the farmers is rice cultivation with two crops each year. Besides, they also plant corn and potatoes, raise cattle and poultry. Taking a Bac Son tour, tourists will be impressed by the amazing beauty of the paddy fields immediately.

Many visitors wonder that what is the best time to explore Bac Son Valley? The best time to explore the wonderful beauty of Bac Son Valley is from the end of July to the middle of November every year. At that time, the paddy fields in Bac Son look like a yellow carpet shining with the sunshine, sky, and clouds hovering around the mountain, which make the peaceful villages become more attractive. Besides, a Bac Son Valley tour at that time is truly ideal because of the fine weather, which brings visitors the great conditions for climbing and taking photos.


Bac Son Valley from above

A special thing of the paddy fields in Bac Son is that all the fields are not planted at the same time, so some will be harvested first, some are harvested later, some are yellow, some are still green, or some are full of water. This creates a giant brocade with the different color which provides a strange feeling for visitors. The farmers often do not harvest at the same time, accidentally creating the strange shapes throughout the fields in Bac Son.


Na Lay Peak

Otherwise, you should explore Na Lay Peak. About 600 meters above the sea level, Na Lay Peak is a favorite destination that almost tourists want to explore. It is an ideal place to enjoy the whole view of Bac Son Valley, especially in the dawn and sunset. With 1,200 stone steps, visitors will spend about one hour to reach the peak. From the peak, you will be surprised by the spectacular scenery that helps you to forget all tiredness. Everything appearing in front of you from the mountains, roads, houses, river, and people becomes smaller. Moreover, it also has the vi-ba station for you to take a rest while catching the most satisfied photos. This is believed as a must-visit place for a Bac Son trekking tour.


Dang Mo Waterfall

Additionally, you can visit Dang Mo Waterfall which is in Binh Gia District, only 20 kilometers from Bac Son Town. It is famous for a romantic beauty with the mossy stone at different sizes and shapes stacking on each other. Besides, the green ancient trees on the two sides make this place become more mysterious and emphasize that white water flow.

The above are some useful information for a Bac Son Valley trekking tour. Hopefully, you will have a nice journey with a number of unforgettable experiences in an amazing landscape.

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