What to expect in Tailor-made Sapa food tour


Sapa attracts tourist not only for its breathtaking natural landscapes but also for the local culinary culture. If you are planning to travel to Sapa, let’s check out the below article to explore what to expect in Tailor-made Sapa food tours!

Experience local Sapa specialties

The best thing to do in your tailor-made Sapa food tours is tasting signature Sapa local specialties. These specialties range from meat, fish to delicious vegetarian specialties accompanied with a variety of vegetables, herbs, spices and sauces. Some of the must-eat dishes in Sapa are Thit lon cap nach Sapa (Cap Nach Pig), Com lam (Bamboo sticky rice), Xoi ngu sac (Five colored sticky rice), salmon fish, stream fish, etc. You can find and savor these local Sapa delicacies at any restaurant in Cau May, Thac Bac, or Xuan Vien Streets.

Sapa specialties

Sapa specialties

Gather for barbecue grill by night

In your tailor-made Sapa food tours, don’t forget to gather for a grill night with friends. In the cold chilling weather in Sapa, nothing can be more interesting than indulging yourself in the grilled local specialties.

Sapa barbecue

Sapa barbecue grill

The barbecue food stalls can be found everywhere on the roadside, mostly located in the town’s market. What makes these Sapa dishes unique is that they are all skewered and displayed in the open air. After choosing a place to dine, you can choose your favorite dishes to grill it on the hot charcoal fire. The selection is various from grilled pork, grilled beef with spinach, grilled corn, chicken egg, etc. Gathering with friends for a barbecue grill in Sapa will be such a memorable experience for any tourist.

Enjoy afternoon tea/coffee

After tasting the most delicious dishes in Sapa, why don’t you stop by a nice coffee shop or a teahouse to have some hot drinks?. You can sip a cup of coffee or tea while admiring the stunning natural landscapes of this town. Most coffee shops and teahouses also offer desserts for you to enjoy a sweet treat. The Hill Station, Gem Art Gallery, Café in the Clouds, Viet Emotion, Fansipan Terrace Café, etc are on the list of local’s favorite coffee shops.

Fansipan terrace

Fansipan Terrace Cafe

Go to a bar or a pub

Even though Sapa isn’t much for nightlife activities, there are still some fantastic bars and night pubs for you to enjoy great nights out. You can enjoy cocktails or ice-cold Lao Cao beer while listening to the eclectic music. Some of the most popular bars in Sapa are The H’mong Sisters, Color Bar, Ninety Pub, etc. Most of these bars are located in Cau May Street and Fansipan Street.

Do not hesitate to register for tailor-made Sapa food tours of Vietnam tour operators to make the best of your Sapa visit. In these tailor-made tours, Vietnam tour operators will create Sapa itinerary just for you to satisfy your own travel preferences. Travel to Sapa and there are a lot of Sapa tours await you to discover.


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