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What To Prepare For Sapa Trekking Tours


A trekking trip across the fields and mountains in Sapa is one of the highlights of the trip exploring in Vietnam. This post will introduce for visitors what to prepare to have the better Sapa trekking tours.

Sapa is one of the famous destinations of Vietnam. It is a highland district of Lao Cai province, a land of humility with quiet space and hidden wonders of nature. The natural landscape of Sapa is combined with the creativity of the people along with the terrain of the mountains, the green of the forest. It is as the picture which is arranged in a harmonious layout creating a region with the attractive romantic scenery.

The best way to explore the area around this city is going trekking. It will first explain some basic things about trekking in Sapa. Trekkers can see what, how hard it is and whether visitors need a tour guide.


Sapa is one of the great places for trekking tours in Vietnam

Sapa is famous for its rice fields. Thus trekking in these fields is supposed to be the best tour in Sapa. With trekking tours, trekkers can walk on the road between the rice fields and the wonderful places in the valley. On this journey, travelers will cross many different ethnic minority villages, where you have the feeling that visitors are turned back time.


The beauty of terraces in Sapa

Trekkers may encounter some buffaloes working hard in the fields. Therefore, this is definitely a great place to take pictures.


The buffaloes work hard on terraced fields

Before traveling to Sapa, visitors just need to determine about trekking a day or trekking for days. Trekking is a type of experience and exploration of the cultural space of the ethnic minorities living here. Therefore, to have the impressive trekking, visitors should find out about the village, customs, and what not to do when visiting the villages here.


The trekking tour of international tourists explore Sapa

Visitors should find a guide for their trekking tour. The guides here are mostly local people, so they know everything about Sapa, about every little road, every rice field as well as every forest.

When trekkers are ready for their trekking trip, trekkers must be sure to bring adequately the following things. 


Preparing necessary everything to have the safe trip

Firstly, trekkers should buy good walking shoes or the boots. The raincoat is also an item which is necessary for trekking tours in Sapa. Visitors cannot know when it rains.

Sticks also help to support your body weight after the tired climbing journey. Trekkers can use a professional climbing stick or just a sure branch.


The climbing sticks are a great help for visitors

Travelers should prepare some snacks such as tomatoes, candy, cheese and the small water bottles to avoid dry throat as well as relay timely while trekking.

 To avoid getting sick, trekkers should bring the medicines for small wounds, some others such as flu, diarrhea, and fever. The camera with the backup battery will help visitors record the beautiful moments of nature.

Because in the trip walking is mainly, trekkers need to prepare neat and cool clothing which can impregnate the sweat. Visitors should also bring extra some clothes to change. When going trekking in the mountains, bringing the insect repellent is essential.

In addition, trekkers should not carry too many things. It can be said that the backpack is indispensable when backpacking. A lightweight backpack will make the climbing about a few hours more comfortable.


The strong, light backpack with the moderate size is a very necessary item

When trekking in Sapa, visitors must carry their belongings and walk to distant villages. Here we suggest you some useful tips. Firstly, if your trip does not start in Hanoi but in Sapa, you had better go to Sapa by yourself. The other tip is local people who often invite you to buy things when you travel to Sapa. This can be uncomfortable for you. You just politely refuse if they try to sell. Besides, trekkers do not ask their guides about this because they may come from the same village or are directly related to one another. This may cause some troubles for trekkers.

Visitors should choose the suitable period to go trekking in Sapa. Usually from March to May is the best time for Sapa trekking tours. The weather is so beautiful, so trekkers can climb mountains and visit native villages.

Hope that some small tips above will help trekkers have the truly wonderful Sapa trekking tours

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