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Where to have the best Vietnam tours in winter?


If you like to surround yourself with many layers, visiting Vietnam in winter will be an outstanding idea. Book one of the following Vietnam tours and you will see.

1. Mau Son

Mau Son Lang Son

Mau Son Lang Son

Situated 800 to 1000 meters above sea level, Mau Son is considered one of the coldest regions in Vietnam. In winter, the temperature here often gets zero degrees. And that is when frost, as well as snow, starts appearing. It is quite strange because Vietnam is in a tropical zone, where snow can hardly be found even in winter.

Perhaps, this is why Mau Son attracts to various tourists and is definitely one of the must-see destinations in Vietnam. The season of frost and snow usually begins in early December and ends in January of the following year. Besides snow, there is drizzling rain and biting cold as well.

The whole Mau Son tourist spot at that time has a mysterious European style. The white color of snow covers all over the place, decorated by some desolate ancient villas on many hills. It drifts over ranges of mountains, coming together into little blocks and overloading branches, grasses, streets, and houses. 

Visiting Mau Son, you should not miss your chance to catch a glimpse of that natural phenomenon. After a day contemplating the winter atmosphere, spending some time sitting beside a campfire will be fantastic.

2. Mai Chau

Entrance to a village Mai Chau

Entrance to a village Mai Chau

According to many tourists and travel agencies, Mai Chau is the most beautiful from early September to the end of February. Travel to this town, you will be able to join in the bustling life of the local in Lac Village as well as enjoy the charm of peach blossoms and white plum flowers.

Mai Chau has a uniquely peaceful and delicate attraction of Northwest mountain areas. The cold weather of winter in the town has significant effects on travels. Although fog and low temperature may frustrate numerous people, it will be completely fantastic when you could see the entire town from up high.

Located 1200 meters above sea level, Khe Thung Mountain Pass can be the first place to visit. On ordinary days, the pass is just like a soft silk crossing over the slope. Standing on it, you will see Lac Village, which is 15 kilometers far from the center of Mai Chau Town.

You should take part in some activities in Independence Festival of Thai Ethnic Group when you have a chance. Also, November is the time for white plum flowers and peach blossoms. They appear everywhere in Mai Chau forests, making winter less cold and freezing.

3. Dien Bien

Dien Bien

Wild sunflowers dien bien

This is a province in Northwest mountainous area, where countless feats of arms are imprinted on historical sites. Moreover, Dien Bien is famous for ripening rice fields and wild sunflowers in winter.

In September, rice fields start changing color from light green to golden. Thanks to dazzling sunlight and dewdrops at night, the rice keeps growing, ripening, and turning into golden color. Those crops contain the spirit of forests, helping Dien Bien slowly change its outlook in winter.

From a distance, the terraced rice fields are vast and wavy, wrapping around mountain slopes. Hiding in the clouds and sparkling under the sunlight, Dien Bien in ripening season is truly the best scene when you travel to Northern Vietnam.

Another time in winter that you may fall in love with is December, the season of wild sunflowers. They are a type of daisy flowers with fewer petals. You can easily see them along the way from Dien Bien to Muong Ang, Dien Bien Dong, or Muong Cha Town. In their flourishing time, Dien Bien is overlaid by a bright golden carpet. You will love how the town looks like from above.

4. Lai Chau

O Quy Ho Mountain pass

O Quy Ho mountain pass

Lai Chau is extremely cold in winter. However, that cannot prevent travelers from discovering its attractiveness. Although winter is not the best time to travel Vietnam, it is the most excellent one to visit Lai Chau.

One of the most spectacular places is O Quy Ho Mountain Pass. It is the path joining the two provinces, Lai Chau and Lao Cai. At the height of over 2000 meters, you can easily see clouds floating around the mountaintop. Standing on O Quy Ho and breathing in the fresh air of winter, you will feel completely relaxed.

Furthermore, if you are lucky, you can even see snow and ice, which are very rare in Vietnam. Water drops remained on branches and frozen flowers make a unique appearance for O Quy Ho Mountain Pass.

Some other destinations that you may love to visit are Muong Than Field, Sin Ho Plateau, or Da River and Nam Na River intersection. They all have heavenly prettiness with bobbing clouds, primitive houses in forests, and a green color of trees. Lai Chau will be one of the most superior Vietnam tours that you have ever tried.

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