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Which can be your next favorite Sapa homestays in Vietnam’s Northwest


Even though it is totally not an issue to find your favorite accommodation in Sapa with full of offers from high-end hotels to hide-out hostels. However, only the locals know where the best homestays are, and hence here are what you should save down as an insight online Sapa homestay tours.


Where to stay in Sapa?

The Haven Sapa Camp Site

  • Address: Cát Cát Hamlet.

The Haven Sapa can be found right at the entrance of Cát Cát Hamlet, home to the H’mong ethnic community. The Haven Space owns a spectacular view besides its utter tranquility. Because of that, taking your beloved ones to spend a night or so over The Haven Sapa seems to be pretty amazing. Moreover, the homestay is located not far away from Sapa downtown, so you almost have no worries towards the ability to move back and forth between your lodge and Sapa city center. The enclosing atmosphere is absolutely fresh with a gust of hilly wind, so do not waste any more of your time and claim your room right away.

The Haven Sapa is a complex consisting of a hostel, of course, an open –space bar and an outdoor camping site owning a 360-degree view towards the sensational Mường Hoa Valley. Other than those, The Haven Sapa also offers you its cinema, a BBQ garden, and a restaurant. If you are that type of person who likes to stay in when darkness falls, then feel free to spare some time to watch the night sky full of stars and moon with your other significant after your Sapa tours during daytime are over.


Spend time together

Eco Palms House

  • Address: Lao Chải, Sa Pa, Lào Cai

Eco-Palms House is now a new member of Lao Chải Hamlet, Sapa. If The Haven Sapa walks you to its magnificent surrounding landscape, then Eco-Palms House brings in the enormous Hoàng Liên Sơn Range and the painting-like Mường Hoa Valley. With a phenomenal fame of such a mountainous city like Sapa, gem of Vietnam’s Northwest, quite a lot of homestays have been brought to life. However, the most outstanding lodge in this field must be nothing else but Eco-Palms House.



Just like what it is named, Eco-Palms House is a collection of 5 bungalows all made out of environment-friendly components such as wood, leaves of bamboo. Each of the lodges here represents an authentic look into Sapa significant ethnic culture, and hence you get to learn more about various minorities here such as the Tày, Giáy, Xá Phó, H’mong, and Red Dao.


Would you be satisfied?

Gem Valley

  • Address: Fansipan Street, Sapa.

The ending representative in our ultimate online Sapa homestay tour guide is Valley Sapa, a coffeehouse-combined accommodation sitting serenely in the middle of the greenish scenery. The reason why we bring in Gem Valley as a part of our archive today is not simply to showcase the finest lodges you should try in Sapa, but also disclose more of the “backstage” story. Gem Valley is a brainchild of a Hanoian artistic couple who decided to leave their loving hometown behind and start a new life in a far-off land like Sapa. The owners use the site as a gallery put aside a little lovely wood-made attic to greet and meet some new guests. After receiving quite many fine feedbacks, the Việt landlords chose to expand the lodge and make it their second profession.


Breakfast at Gem Valley

Departing from Sapa downtown and moving for another 3 kilometers towards Cát Cát Hamlet and crossing the Việt – Nhật Hill for roughly 50 meters, Gem Valley is right there to welcome you. We do recommend you to claim your rooms long before your trip to Sapa starts as Gem Valley offers not too many available rooms.


Brick-made house

At Gem Valley, you can choose to spare some peaceful time enjoying a cup of coffee on a set of wooden chairs while tossing your eyesight to the infinite rice field valley of Cát Cát Hamlet. When the ripen rice season comes closer, Gem Valley owns a fantastic enclosing scene as the whole nature around starts to turn into a stunning saffron-color carpet, and that is how we end our online homestay tours in Sapa.


Night falls on the façade

Now you can be ensured which would be the smartest choice to make with our given Sapa homestay tours. Bookmark this site right away and claim your rooms now!

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