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Wonderful experience with a Hmong family in Lao Chai Village, Sapa


For tourists going to the mountainous areas of northern Vietnam, a trip to Sapa is absolutely a great opportunity to see and experience the traditional life of ethnic people in this region. Notably, Vietnam cultural tour in Sapa will bring you a lot of wonderful memories. Today, let’s explore interesting things that you can experience when living with a Hmong family in Lao Chai village.

Overview about Hmong people

Hmong people are ranked at the eighth position of the largest minority ethnic groups in Vietnam. They usually live in the Northern and Western mountainous provinces of Vietnam such as Lang Son, Bac Kan, Cao Bang, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Yen Bai, Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Son La, Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Tay Nguyen. There are four small groups of Hmong people, which are Black Hmong, Flower Hmong, White Hmong, and Blue Hmong.


Black Hmong people in Sapa

The Hmong economy is based on the integrated cultivation of corn, rice, potatoes, peanuts, sesame, beans, and vegetables. In some places, they also grow rice in terraced fields. Visiting Sapa in the harvest season in autumn, tourist will have the opportunity to admire countless yellow terraced fields. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful scenery in the mountainous areas of Vietnam. Let’s take a Vietnam tour to this see this amazing view in Sapa, Vietnam!

Experience the daily life of Black Hmong people in Lao Chai Village

About 7 kilometers to the southeast of Sapa Town, Lao Chai Village is known as the home of Black Hmong ethnic group. Welcoming visitors with warmness and hospitality, this village is an imposing place in Sapa where offers you a lot of ultimate cultural experience. In here, you will have a chance to go trekking, discover Hmong traditional customs as well as stay overnight in a Hmong family’s house.


Lao Chai Village

Go trekking

You can go by car or motorbike to reach Lao Chai Village. However, if you desire to gain a deeper insight Hmong’s unique culture and customs, trekking along the mountainside is considered as the top things to do in Vietnam tours. From the main road, you can enjoy the cool and fresh air and take an incredible panoramic view of the whole village. It is truly amazing to admire a multi-color picture with the perfect layers of rice paddies, evergreen valleys, glorious waterfalls, and magnificent mountains.


Trekking is the best way to admire the beauty of Lao Chai

Stay overnight in a Hmong family’s house

A homestay experience in Lao Chai Village is surely an unforgettable memory in your Vietnam cultural tour. The house of Hmong people has a basic architecture with three main rooms, one main door, and one side door. Their kitchen consists of a small fire pit and a small table to prepare food. Because there was no running water available in the house, water for cooking and bathing is gathered from a spring located in the mountain behind the house.


Hmong traditional house

Moreover, tourists will be amazed at how they prepare their meal. As they do not have refrigerators to preserve their food, the ingredients for the meal are fresh from the garden and fresh meat. They have a tiny and open fire pit in their kitchen and cook one to two dishes at a time over an open flame. The meal normally has 5 to 6 different dishes, including rice, pork, chicken, tofu, and vegetables. Especially, you also have a chance to enjoy a bowl of delicious corn wine – a specialty of this region. Nothing great than a bowl of corn wine in the cold weather of this mountainous area when the night falls.


A meal with Hmong family

You will also learn a little about how Hmong people make their clothes out of hemp and dye it with indigo. It’s great to try on these intricate and beautiful homemade clothes!

In particular, if you travel to Sapa during the Lunar New Year period, let’s take part in Gau Tao festival. This festival is held in January to pray for a year full of happiness, health, and prosperity. The festival features many fun activities such as catching goats while blindfolded, shooting crossbows, flute dancing, etc. Do not miss this interesting festival during your cultural tour in Vietnam.

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